Friday, October 16, 2009

Back to Baby Bees!

When Addie took her first Baby Bees class back in March, she didn't really start enjoying herself until the last session or two. She just couldn't grasp the whole climbing thing yet and pretty much just ran around the whole time. But her second Baby Bees class...Addie was a Pro! She climbed every obstacle...

Without leaving Audrey's side...

And when the class was almost over...

So was Addie :-)

This little monkey was POOPED when we got home today. And now with a belly full of grilled cheese and soup, I think (or at least I hope) we will be in for a nice long nap!!

Hope you are all having as much fun on your Friday as we are!


  1. Oh man this so makes me want another little one. So much, I miss it like mad. Those pictures are beyond adorable and so glad you shared :)


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