Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Family Pics

When I was making my new Fall blog page, I realized that the last family pic that Eric and Addie and I took together was LAST Thanksgiving! When this dawned on me, I called Uncle Ryan immediately to book a photo shoot. Even though all of our schedules have been crazy, we lucked out last Sunday when all of us were together AND the weather was beautiful! Chicago weather hasn't been the greatest lately so I am really glad we took advantage of the day because Uncle Ryan got some ADORABLE shots as always. See for yourself :-)

Here are my 3 favorite family shots...

And some of my favorite Addie action shots...

The few close-ups we managed to get of her when she stopped moving...

Addie and Mama...

Addie and Dada looking at the water...

And Addie thanking Uncle Ryan for taking such beautiful pictures...

Thanks again Ry! You never let me down as a photographer...or a brother. Love ya!

Now...time to change around my blog banner and figure out which pictures to use for a Christmas card!!


  1. Beautiful pictures! They will be perfect for your Christmas Cards. Your brother is really talented.

  2. They're so pretty! I love the one that is B&W with the leaves in color... so cool!

  3. Very nice! I love family photos!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new pics! And I look forward to next year pictures with the FOUR of you!!!

  5. So cute! I love the one of Addie sauntering up to the camera! And I forgot to mention before, I really like your hair color. So pretty for fall! Are you thinking of going darker still?

  6. Oh, I love them so much! Your hair color is perfect for fall!

  7. Great family photos! Beautiful!

  8. As always, Addie is soo cute and you are looking great! Your brother is very talented.


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