Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hello Third Trimester!

Hello third trimester...goodbye cute "little" baby bump. Now are the days of the cute BIG baby bump. That little man must be growing like a weed in there because my tummy just keeps getting bigger and bigger! See for yourself...

Now grant baggy green sweater isn't doing anything for me in this picture, but my belly is getting bigger and I think that is a great thing. That must mean I have a healthy growing boy in there :-)

But one thing I have learned about the third trimester is that things aren't gradual anymore. Weight gain, cravings, sleepless nights, aches and pains...they all come flooding at you. I have only gained 6 pounds so far but I guarantee that I will have gained another 6 when they weigh me at my appointment tomorrow. Oh well...that's pregnancy for you! There is no better reason to gain weight :-)

While I am very excited to be in my third trimester, I am also a little freaked out! That means this baby is going to be here in 3 short months!!! Less actually! I feel prepared in terms of the nursery, clothes, and other baby gear...but I am a little freaked in the "mothering" department. I am not concerned about having enough love for this baby because really...a mother's heart has enough love for as many babies as she is blessed with. So that is not a concern to me. BUT...I do worry about giving both of them enough attention, enough alone time, enough bonding time, enough learning time, etc. I just feel like I am starting to learn my routine with Addie and in a few short months...everything will change. My mom keeps telling me to take deep breaths because once he is here, I will figure it out. All mothers do. And I know I will...I just need her to remind me of that every single day from here on out. Ha!

So, with very little time left, I have several things I want to accomplish.

* Get caught up on Addie's scrapbooks (I haven't touched them since her first birthday).

* Set up the basement as an indoor retreat for the winter (i.e. move all of her outdoor toys downstairs so she can still play in her house, drive around her little car, etc.) I know we will need a new place to play when we can't go outside.

* Finish organizing all of my closets. This is almost done and I have made great progress. But I have O.C.D. and need to finish them all completely before I feel satisfied. Ha!

* And last but not least, I want to finish ALL Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving and finish all birthday shopping before the baby is here (we have 4 birthdays alone in February). I like being prepared AND I know I will not want to drag a newborn and a toddler to the mall in the middle of winter to shop :-)

Now...let's just see how many of these things I can accomplish. Too bad there are only 24 hours in a day. Ha!


  1. Awe! Jen, you will do fine! It is tough, some days one kid gets me more than the other. Yes, it's stressful and sometimes overwhelming, but its all worth it come 9pm and i see my babies sleeping and i know tomorrow is a new day and it will be great! I am sure Eric will be a big help as well as all of the family. Remember that it is not only an adjustment for you, its an adjustment for everyone!p

  2. Thanks Andrea! I heart you sweeite...just what I needed to hear :-)

  3. That's a big To Do List! Good Luck!

  4. BTW you are not big at all! take a peek back at my pregnancy pics. I was one HUGE biatch! lol.

  5. You look SO cute! Your belly is the perfect shape. These next couple of months are going to fly by, before you know it you'll be holding your precious Blake in your arms and you'll wonder how you ever could have been a family without him. That's the best advice I can give, without being a momma! I can only relate with my animals... LOL! I always tell Brandon how I don't know how I'll ever love kids more than my animals. I mean, they're our lives. But, DUH, I know I will love them like crazy. :0)

  6. Adorable as always!
    Girl, that is a long list of things to do! All Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving?? You better get to some online shopping. :)

  7. You can do it! And your baby bump is STILL just a little bump ! I love it!

  8. You look fabulous. My bump was SO much bigger. Of course my little man was GIANT. ah ha

  9. Don't worry about handling two. Back during the baby boom days, most families had at least three kids and sometimes 4,5,6 or more. Those moms all figured it out and did just fine.



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