Friday, October 30, 2009

My Little Hula Girl

When my Aunt Kathy came back from Hawaii a few weeks ago, she surprised Addie with this authentic Hula girl costume complete with coconut bra and everything!! When I saw it...I knew she HAD to be this for Halloween. It isn't practical for outdoor trick-or-treating, but it was PERFECT for her Baby Bees Party today!! I tried getting a few full-body pics, but she just couldn't stand still in this thing. She just wanted to Hula!

We did manage to slip her socks on before Baby Bees, but not without a fight. See the face?

Not my best picture, but she would only stand still long enough to take one if I was holding her.

Or if Grandma was. Here they are stretching out before class :-)

And here she is jumping around again to the Halloween song.

The mini rollercaoster was her favorite activity today. But it was a little hard in the grass skirt so that came off soon after.

And here is Addie with her two cute teachers. They are both so much fun :-)

Now it is time for us to gear up for the big day tomorrow. We have another costume and another fun filled afternoon of activities. I love Halloween!!!!


  1. She is so cute!! I saw those when I was in HI last week.

  2. What a cute outfit!! :) Have a great weekend lady! Love your little bump!

  3. Can't even deal with how cute she is in the hula outfit! Adorable!


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