Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Baby

Addie's motherly instinct has certainly kicked in over the past few months. She has become obsessed with her babydolls. She feeds them in her high chair, carries them around the house patting their butts and she takes them for stroller rides up and down the hallway. I love watching her act like a little mommy because I know she will be the same way with Blake when he gets here :-)

And like all mothers, Addie doesn't play favorites with her "babies". So when she adopted a little pumpkin from the farm yesterday, she made sure it got plenty of attention today. She carried it all over the house, patting it's bottom, and then took it into the kitchen for something to eat. She tried feeding it candy corn, but then decided she wasn't going to waste such a great treat and shoved it in her mouth instead.

A stroller ride was next on the list, but it was quite a challenge getting it strapped in. There was a tantrum and tears until mommy came to the rescue.

Ta Da! After a little frustration tantrum (which resulted in those puffy eyes) and another piece of candy corn...we were off an running.

I can't say I blame the girl for getting frustrated. She just wanted to take her pumpkin baby on a walk! I know I have had many fights with my stroller that resulted in tears in the mall parking lot when I couldn't get it to open or shut. And luckily, my mommy was there to give me a latte to make it all better. Ha!


  1. Ha! I still remember our very first outing with Addison when we spent 15 minutes in the parking lot trying to open the stroller! Every time a car went by, we pretended we were doing something else so they didn't think we were idiots!! Oh yeah, and the time in downtown Naperville when we were pushing Addison in my cheap stroller and the wheel fell off! Mommy to the rescue! Yeah right!!

  2. ...and I thought I was the only one who isn't capable of operating a stroller. Shwew! :o)

  3. I had a similar love for a particular pumpkin one year. Unfortunately I was 21 and slightly intoxicated at a Halloween party. Somethin' tells me that takes the cute factor out of the equation!

    I also had my first experience with a crappy umbrella stroller last week. All wheels remained attached... but I'm very glad my BFF & I made a pact to buy each other expensive baby gear! BTW I cracked up at the picture of you three leisurely strolling along and *bam* off with a wheel!!!

  4. I love it! She is adorable. I love your little family!


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