Monday, October 5, 2009

A "Thank You" & A Great Pair of Ugg Look-a-likes

First, I would just like to thank everyone who commented on my H1N1 post. I can tell that all of you have given this quite a bit of thought and I appreciate your honesty and advice. It is a scary subject, either way you look at it, and I almost feel better knowing that I am not the only one worried and/or undecided about this. As I said, I have a doc appointment on Friday and I will be sure to post about her response...just incase anyone is interested :-) Thanks again to all of you...I really appreciate it :-)

Now...on a much more FUN subject...I have stumbled across an AWESOME pair of Ugg knock-offs. You all know the pair of Uggs I have been coveting for some time and even though the Target look-a-like slippers I posted about are adorable in person, they really can't be worn outside for long periods of time. They are slippers after all :-)

So I have still been secretly searching for a pair that I can wear outside, but won't break the bank. And...I found a pair that does just that! Check out these "comfy" boots by Relativity!

Pretty great look-a-likes wouldn't you say? But are they as cute in person? Well...I am happy to report that they are even cuter!!! They are warm, comfortable, and everything I hoped they would be. And the best part...they are $49.99!!! But if you buy them from, they have a 20% 1 sale item coupon listed on their home page which makes these beauties $39.99!! In comparison to the $160 Uggs...I would say this is steal!

Anyway, I promise that will be my last post about boots this winter. I have just been in a boot mood and hadn't found the right pair until now. Happy birthday to me (a few days early :-)



    Here is a link to my prego friends' blog. She JUST posted this exact topic so here is her answer. (I tried to send this on fb and it wouldn't let me onto your page!)

    Hope the info helps.

    LOVE the shoes by the way. Makes me want a real winter here. ha!

  2. Very cute!!
    Got your package...LOVE! Thanks!

  3. I love boots! Those are really cute and what a great deal!

  4. Those boots are cute... But I'm not one of the lucky ones that can wear their jeans inside their boots... That is just NOT going to happen around here. Ever.

    I also wanted to say... I know you're not going to blog about J&K anymore... But WOAH! All the Kate haters... can we now see why she was such a snatchy snatch to him!? He's WACKED! :)


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