Friday, October 23, 2009

You Want Me to What?

I have a pregnancy confession...I am totally and completely addicted to sugar lately. I try to restrain myself and even go so far as buying more fruit and sugar-free snacks to avoid my temptations. But it hasn't helped, and I know why. It is OCTOBER and things like...

Halloween candy... 

Taffy apples...

And cookies...

ARE EVERYWHERE! So when my doctor suggested I try to cut back on sugar, I responded with "You want me to what?". Now, overall I have only gained 14 pounds which I don't think is too bad for being 30 weeks pregnant. I think I was around the same with Addie. BUT...I gained about 6 of that in ONE MONTH! I still maintain, however, that (a) the scale was off, (b) I had just eaten lunch and therefore weighed more and (c) was wearing my heavy boots. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. 

Anyway, ever since the doctor said that to me, I decided I better watch my sugar intake because I know I am completely guilty of overdoing it lately. This was two weeks ago and I have to be weighed tomorrow morning at my next appointment. YIKES! I do think I cut back a lot this week with the all-day candy munching, but I still wasn't a good as I wanted to be. I am sure the scale will be another wake up call tomorrow. 

So...since I am trying to watch sugar in the middle of the holidays, I would LOVE some sugar-free or sugar-light snack ideas. You know...things that will make me feel like I am splurging on holiday treats, but not actually doing it. Is there such a thing? I am going to search out some recipes and see if I can find anything good. I will be sure to share those recipes if they exist. Ha!


  1. Your boots at least weighed 3 pounds and clothes, I usually give myself 2 pounds for that. And the fact that you just had lunch - well, in my opinion you lost weight and should probably enjoy those mini snickers! Also - dont forget, im sure you were wearing your watch, rings, etc. I like to give myself a pound credit for that stuff as well.

  2. Oh, the nerve of him! I don't personally think that is too much weight...I gained a bunch in 1 month like that.
    I just got the Quaker Mini Delights. They are 90 cal packs of rice cakes drizzled in chocolate. Delish!

  3. light cool whip with sugar free chocolate syrup.... mix well and you have an almost sugar free choc.mousse!!!


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