Monday, November 30, 2009

Poor Santa

I know the day will come when Addie will beg me to go see Santa at the mall so she can eat a candy cane, sit on his lap, and tell him what she wants for Christmas. Sadly...that day was NOT today.

We were blessed with the kindest, sweetest, most patient Santa in the world and he STILL couldn't make this child sit and smile. She was freaked from the minute we approached his chair. He bribed her with everything from Candy Canes to stuffed penguins, which were both immediately chucked to the floor. She wanted out of there NOW. I told the camera lady to just snap anything she could get and Santa held on tight while Addie thrashed and kicked like a wild woman (which also caused her cute little jean skirt to ride up to her tummy). When Santa finally let her loose, I expected her to bolt. But instead, she took a few quick steps away from him...turned...and said "Bye Bye!" and waved. Santa just laughed and smiled, but I know he was crying inside, especially from the bruises she surely inflicted. 

Poor Santa...I think I need to bring him a hot chocolate (spiked with booze) and a tin of cookies tomorrow :-( He deserves it!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Wedding Pics Are In!

Everyone in our family has been anxiously awaiting Ryan and Meagan's professional wedding pics (since no one had their camera with them the whole day) and I have to say...they were worth the wait!!! Their pictures turned out GORGEOUS!!!! Just see for yourself...
First up...our precious peanut :-)
Our Happy Family (including just can't see him under my flowers :-)

My two brothers and I. Love these boys :-)

Me and my new sis!!

Daddy-O and Ryan...stylin in their shades. He is giving him a little pep talk here. Ha!

This is probably one of my favorite pics of the day. Addie and her Uncle Ryan.

Four generations...another priceless picture :-)

And here we are...making our way down the isle.

Addie did so great...even though she looks like a deer in headlights. Ha!

My favorite wedding party shot...

My favorite shot of the happy couple. So gorgeous.

And FAVORITE shot of my husband. Yes...he is the goof ball on the far left.

Chosing which pics to post was SO hard because like I said...they all turned out so beautiful. It is still hard to believe that the day has already come and gone...but at least we have countless memories to look back on :-)

Friday, November 27, 2009

No Kitchen Fires, Food Poisoning or Emotional Breakdowns...

So in my book....I would call that a successful Thanksgiving!! Delicious food and the company of our amazing just doesn't get much better than that :-)

And thanks to some lovely flowers from my mama, our Thanksgiving table turned out gorgeous...

And here are my Sioux Chefs for the day (a.k.a. the mamacitas :-)...

I always think that expressions speak louder than words. So when I looked at my brother Ryan and saw his bug eyes...

I wasn't sure if he was looking at my GINORMOUS belly...

Or the two most delicious turkeys he had ever seen. Either way...Eric and I were pretty proud of our job well done :-)

And our toughest food critic agreed. Woohoo!

So after a wonderful, filling was time to burn it off with some play time! Addie took Aunt Meagan to her favorite hangout (a.k.a. under the dining room table). Ha!

Addie would have stayed under there the rest of the night, but when Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meagan broke out a little surprise gift from Hawaii (a ukulele)...she came running.

And really...can you dance around a living room to ukulele music without a grass skirt and coconut bra? I think not...

So as you can see, it was a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving around the Davis household. I hope you and your families had as much fun as we did :-)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

So Much to be Thankful For

I really intended on writing a long, sappy Thanksgiving post like I did last year, but I realized that my "Thankful" list has not changed. I am still blessed with the most wonderful family, the most amazing friends, the most beautiful home, and the most fulfilling life anyone could ever ask for. Eric and I have been given so many things to be thankful for and we try very hard not to take any of those blessings for granted. Especially our two most wonderful blessing of all...

So as you spend the holiday with your family today, try to think of all the blessings you have been given and be thankful for them each and every day of the year. 

I would love to continue this touching moment, but I have two birdies to cook :-) So I will just leave with a big


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Had a Turkey Nightmare Last Night...

It went a little something like this...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Menu (recipe links included)

I have to admit...I am getting VERY excited about cooking my first solo Thanksgiving!!! Well, I shouldn't say "solo" because Eric is helping me AND everyone coming is bringing more than one fantastic side. So I'm really not doing it alone. But if you know me, then you know I am an instant mashed potatoes type of girl and I would rather pick up a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store than have to make it myself. So to cook two birds, stuffing, mashed potatoes AND a pumpkin pie from scratch is a pretty big step for me :-)

So, as I said in a previous post, Eric and I had our turkey recipe all ready to go. Well...that was until he tasted the turkey at his Uncle's house this past weekend. Uncle Dave brined his turkey and it was honestly one of the best turkeys I have ever had!!! It was moist and delicious...just the way I hope ours comes out. So when Eric asked if we could brine the bird first, I said sure! Little did I know the prep that brining takes. I searched about 100 recipes online for the perfect turkey brine and in the end...I came back to my go-to girl...Martha. Instead of copying the whole recipe, I thought it would be easier to just include a link. But here is a pic of what our turkey should like at this time tomorrow (since it must sit in the brine for 24 hours!!)...

 I have to does look pretty tasty. There is also Reisling in the brine and since that is my favorite wine AND I am not allowed to drink it right now...I thought this would be a great compromise. This brine got excellent reviews, which made me happy too. So we will see how it goes! If you are cooking a bird for the first time this year too, Martha had some great how-to videos on her website.

Next up on my homemade list is the Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Again, I thought it was easier to just include a link to the recipe I am using. I have made this recipe two other times (for special occasions of course) and they always turn out delicious! I add a little bit of fresh chives to mine too :-)

And last but not least...the best part of Thanksgiving Dinner...the PIE!!!! Can't you almost taste it just looking at this picture?

Martha's recipe happens to be very close to my grandma's so I can't give the woman full credit. But if you would like to see the recipe, you can click here.

And last but not least, if you are still looking for a great side to bring to your Thanksgiving dinner, I wanted to share a great cranberry salad recipe that my bloggy friend Heather was kind enough to send me. I promise...even if you aren't a cranberry will still go nuts for this salad. Thanks for the recipe Heather!!! Can't wait to try it!

Bag cranberries
2 bananas-sliced small
3 apples (red/ fugi/ honeycrisp)- sliced small
1 c grapes- halved
marshmallows-small bag
1 pkg cherry JELL-O
2 c sugar
Need to separate juice from cranberries. Use a grinder/ blender/ food processor. If you use a blender or food processor you need to strain and separate the juice from the dry cranberries.
add sugar to dry cranberries, set aside (will sweeten them)
add 1 c hot water and disolve JELL-O
add 1 cup cold water + cranberry juice
add cranberry and sugar mixture
add bananas, apples, grapes (can eye it if you want more or less fruit)
top with marshmallows (add as much as you like to top)
Refrigerate for at least 5 hours-over night is best

Gosh...I am getting hungry just thinking about all this food!!!! Prep starts tomorrow so it will be a full day! I love the holidays :-)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Day Part I

What better way to celebrate my 500th post than with pictures of Turkey Day Part I!!

Here is Miss Addie modeling her cute outfit...

And here is Grandma Davis acting silly...

I know Nolan has been growing like a weed lately, but there was something about him in his little sweater vest that made him look like such a little man yesterday!!! What a cutie!

As usual, the girls were bonding and spending some quality time playing the piano...

When everyone else ditched Addie, Grandma Davis stepped in to give her a lesson...

And then when Nia and Addie had enough, they plotted their escape :-)

I know that sitting down for a nice relaxing holiday meal is no longer in the cards for us, but it is certainly worth the sacrifice to watch these cuties running around together :-) 

Turkey Day Part II is quickly approaching and Eric and I are more than ready to tackle our birds!! I have come across some great recipes and I promise to share them this week :-)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Visit With The Twins

On Thursday, Addie and I went to see little Evelyn and Presley. I know all new babies are adorable but cousin Kris and her hubby Jay make some pretty gorgeous babies!!!

Addie was just dying to hold one of them, so we took Miss Evelyn first...

And here is proud mama Kris holding Mr. Presley...

And here is proud papa Jay with big sister Gracie holding Evelyn.

I honestly can't remember Addie being so small and fragile. Holding those two made me SOOOOOO excited to meet Blake. I just can't wait!!

Congrats again mama and papa Weiss! The twins are just adorable and I can't wait to see them again soon :-)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Groupies & a Quick Review

Well...girls's day was everything I hoped it would be! We had a great lunch, Tara and Linsey polished off a bottle of wine (I might have stole a sip or two) and we finally got see NEW MOON!! Don't we look like a couple of groupies in our t-shirts?

Tara even admitted that seeing us in our t-shirts made her want one as well. Don't worry honey...I will have something waiting for you when we go see "Eclipse" in June :-)

A few people have asked me what I thought about the movie and I was honestly a little reluctant to post my review because as I said in my previous post...critics have slammed it. But either I am an idiot, or a total sucker for teenage romance, because I thought it was AWESOME!!! The book is definitely better (because what book isn't better than movie) but I thought they did a pretty great job of coming as close as possible. The screenplay was spot-on in my opinion.

As for the special effects with the wolves...a lot of critics made fun of them saying they were "Mikey Mouse special effects" but I thought they were very convincing (aside from Jacob's spiderman move jumping into Bella's window). And let's be honest...I didn't see the movie for the action or the special effects. I saw the movie because I am completely in love with Edward, Bella AND Jacob. I am still Team Edward after seeing this movie, but I have to admit that Taylor Lautner did a pretty fantastic job. I can see the appeal now, even though I hate to admit that because the kid is seriously 17-years-old. But those abs...come ON! And Kristin Stewart did an amazing job. She wasn't as awkward in this film, which was nice because I am not sure I could have lasted through another 2 hours of eye twitches and hair tousles. Ha!

And then there is Edward. Oh Edward. He is reason enough to see the movie, regardless of the fact that he is only in about 30 minutes of it. I have seen Robert Pattinson on several talk shows over the past few months and while I do still think the guy is cute, I don't get that "OH MY're the hottest thing alive" feel from him. Well, that is until I watch the movie. RPatz as Edward is just gorgeous and I can't get enough of him (but shhhh...don't tell Angel that. He is still my #1 vamp :-)

So anyway, I would love to talk about all of my favorite scenes from the movie, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. All I can say is that if you go into the movie knowing that it isn't better than the book and that every movie has its will not be disappointed. I thought it was funny, sad, and incredibly romantic. Well worth the ticket. 

Thanks for being my wing-men Lins and Tara!!!! Only 7 months until Eclipse comes out!

Friday, November 20, 2009

"New Moon" for the Mommies!

My girlfriends and I have been waiting 12 long months for this...

And it is finally here!!! All this time I have been excited about the movie, but today I feel more excited just to go have lunch and spend some quality time with my girls! This poor movie has been SLAMMED in the reviews, but then again so was "Twilight" and the latest installment of "Harry Potter" and I ended up loving both of those movies. So I'm not too worried about walking away unsatisfied. Plus, all the fan reviews say it is awesome so I will stick to reading those :-)

I spoke with my girls yesterday and while Tara did not break down and buy a New Moon t-shirt...she is ready to support Linsey and I as we wear ours today. Ha! Don't worry...there will be pics to follow :-) Happy Friday everyone!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

34 Weeks and A Honeydew!!

The says Mr. Blake is the size of a Honeydew Melon right now.

Honeydew my ass! This little man HAS to be the size of a watermelon in there. I can feel his kicks and jabs from every angle and judging by the size of my tummy, I would say he surpassed the honeydew category weeks ago :-)

But I really shouldn't complain because other than a little sleeplessness (due to lack of comfort), I feel great! I still have some energy which I am using productively to finish little things around the house. You know, like setting up Christmas trees and stuff. Ha! The nursery is ready to go, the clothes and bedding are washed and put away AND I even started putting together my hospital bag. I know I have a little over 5 weeks, but I like to be prepared just in case this little man decides to shop up early :-)

Well there you go! My 34 week belly pic. Getting bigger by the day and loving it!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time to Hire an Assistant

Any person who says that being a Stay at Home Mom isn't a lot of work is seriously smoking crack. This is by far the hardest (most rewarding) job I have ever had. Before I was a SAHM, I had no idea how much there was to get done around the house while taking care of a toddler. So, I decided that in order to get all of my responsibilities done each day, I would have to put Addie to work too.

Friends...I would like to introduce you to my new Administrative Assistant...

She will be responsible for handling all phone calls and paperwork (this includes grading my student essays)...

She has excellent message taking skills, so I knew she would be perfect for the job. Here she is writing down a message from Nana...

And here she is hanging up on a telemarketer. That's my girl!!

So you see...staying at home doesn't have to be stressful, as long as you are willing to put your kids to work. Thanks Miss Addie! I owe you a pack of fruit snacks :-)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sorry Pilgrims...Jesus Wins

To quote my very good friend Kate..."Sorry Pilgrams...Jesus Wins". I know Thanksgiving is still a little over a week away, but I couldn't take it any longer. After a weekend of Christmas shopping and listening to the Holiday LITE...I knew it was time to put up the tree...

I typically put up two 9 foot tree in my dining room and this smaller pencil tree in my family room. But because I am bringing home a new baby just a few short days after Christmas, I tried to go with a minimalistic approach to my decorating this year. minimalistic as I can possible get :-)

So I narrowed down to one tree, which is no longer in my family room, so I had to really spruce up the fireplace mantel with some lights (which you can hardly see in the pic) and some other fun decor...

And come on, I couldn't go the whole season without putting up Addie's cute pink tree! (not sure why it looks so crooked in the pic)...

And finally, because I can no longer leave wrapped gifts under my tree (because a certain someone knows how to open them)...I decided to just use them as decor. I never know what to put on top of this china cabinet during the holidays, so I thought stacking a few gifts would be cute. Yes...I already have some of my Christmas gifts wrapped...

So there you go! A little sneak peak of my Christmas set-up this year. Its not my usual overhaul of decorating, but it is still cheery, festive and fun. I just love Christmas!!!! Anyone else set up a little early this year? I know I am not alone :-)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fun Advent Calendar Stuffers for Kids

With December 1st right around the corner, I have been trying desperately to gather little stuffers for Addie's Advent calendar. Finding 25 items small enough to fit into the pockets of an advent calendar can be quite a challenge. But what I realized is that not every day has to be different. For example, you could buy this 10-pack of mini Play-Doh tubs for only $4.97 at Target and mix them up on different days! 10 days down...only 15 more to go :-)

Addie isn't quite old enough to grasp this concept yet, but Target is selling Giftcoins this year in packs of 5 for $25. Each coin can be used as a $5 Target giftcard and $2 of each coin is donated to St. Jude's!! It is a fun, charitable way to fill another 5 pockets on your calendar :-)

While all of these ideas are great so far, you may be thinking "Doesn't someone just sell a pack of $25 little toys?" and the answer is YES!!! Garent Hill sells an assortment pack of advent calendar stuffers for only $32!! And even if you don't want to buy this assortment pack, you can check out the pic for some great ideas :-)

Another perfect advent calendar stuffer that will always be big hit with every child (or adult) is candy. I saw some fun holiday suckers, M&M tubes, etc. at Target and they were all a $1 or less. And of course, lets not forget the dollar bins. Woohoo! any of you have any great ideas for advent calendar stuffers? The key is that they are small and affordable. I tried telling Eric last year that a Tiffany's necklace would fit nicely in one of the Advent pockets and he promptly reminded me that the calendar is for Addie. Ha!