Thursday, November 12, 2009

All About Plaid

It is really a shame that plaid has to go in and out of style so quickly because honestly...I could live in it! You won't find one room in my house that doesn't have some sort of plaid accent (accept Addie's room because she has all polka other fav). And when it comes to clothes, I have always accessorized with plaid scarves and bags but this year...the PLAID SHIRT IS BACK!!! Woohoo!! I would love to be able to fit into this cute top right now, but it will have to wait until later in the season :-)

For now, I could satisfy my plaid shirt craving with this adorable top...

But I am not so sure that maternity plaid is the way to go. Ha!

So for now, I may have to just settle for dressing Addie up in plaid. I found this ADORABLE top for her and I can't wait to match it up with some jeans and her cute brown suede boots :-)

Is anyone else obsessed with plaid the way I am?


  1. i'm wearing a black and white plaid shirt with a ruffled collar as we speak. love pairing plaid shirts with leggings & my steve madden slouch boots. super fall! :)

  2. Have you gone to the Gap? They have a TON of plaid this year! I should know....I work there! ha!

  3. Me, me, me!!! And besides plaid and polka dot, don't forget gingham!!!!

  4. I'll leave the plaid to you cuties. Here in these parts we leave the plaid to the loggers... :0)

  5. I love plaid. My fav shirt is so itchy but it's so cute so I force myself in it sometimes. I love the last one in red, does it come in adult size???

  6. I've heard/seen this! I need to get myself some plaid!


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