Monday, November 16, 2009

Fun Advent Calendar Stuffers for Kids

With December 1st right around the corner, I have been trying desperately to gather little stuffers for Addie's Advent calendar. Finding 25 items small enough to fit into the pockets of an advent calendar can be quite a challenge. But what I realized is that not every day has to be different. For example, you could buy this 10-pack of mini Play-Doh tubs for only $4.97 at Target and mix them up on different days! 10 days down...only 15 more to go :-)

Addie isn't quite old enough to grasp this concept yet, but Target is selling Giftcoins this year in packs of 5 for $25. Each coin can be used as a $5 Target giftcard and $2 of each coin is donated to St. Jude's!! It is a fun, charitable way to fill another 5 pockets on your calendar :-)

While all of these ideas are great so far, you may be thinking "Doesn't someone just sell a pack of $25 little toys?" and the answer is YES!!! Garent Hill sells an assortment pack of advent calendar stuffers for only $32!! And even if you don't want to buy this assortment pack, you can check out the pic for some great ideas :-)

Another perfect advent calendar stuffer that will always be big hit with every child (or adult) is candy. I saw some fun holiday suckers, M&M tubes, etc. at Target and they were all a $1 or less. And of course, lets not forget the dollar bins. Woohoo! any of you have any great ideas for advent calendar stuffers? The key is that they are small and affordable. I tried telling Eric last year that a Tiffany's necklace would fit nicely in one of the Advent pockets and he promptly reminded me that the calendar is for Addie. Ha!


  1. I vote for the tiffany's necklace!!! Just tell him you will wear it until she is old enough to appreciate the value of it and when she is, she'll think it's a precious hand me down gift from her mother!!! ;) pure genious huh!!

    our advent calendars never had anything in them. they were just little cards w/doors. nothing fun! maybe because all 3 of us would have FAUGHT like none other over it!

    Some things that my cousins got were socks for her doll, a pacifier, hair things, chapstick/lipgloss, fun rings, balloons, little squirt guns, and dried fruit packages. I was always so jealous! Can't wait to do this for our baby!

  2. What great ideas! The Tiffany necklace especially. :)


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