Friday, November 13, 2009

I LOVE Weekends Like This

In case you all didn't know, Eric was on a week-long guys hunting trip about a month ago. This is something that him and his brother-in-laws and friends look forward to every year. And now that we have kiddies, it is the one thing that all of us mommies DREAD every year. We call it our "single mom's week". HA!

But in exchange for the fantastic trip the guys got to take, Dana and I decided that we were going to treat ourselves to a girl's day. Not quite fair, but we will take what we can get. So, my mom, mother-in-law and Dana and I are heading to the city for a fun filled girl's day of shopping and eating. I have been looking forward to this for months and I can't believe we are going to luck out with a sunny, 58 degree day in November. Woohoo!

But that isn't all the fun I have in store this weekend. There are actually lots of fun things going on. Like...

* I get to teach tonight. I know...that isn't really exciting BUT I  am introducing their final essay assignment tonight which means the semester is almost over. Woohoo!

* I get to spend a day in the city with my favorite girls tomorrow (minus Addie and Nia of course...but they will have fun with their daddies).

* I am setting up the rest of my Christmas decorations (indoor of course) on Sunday. I know it is early...but I don't care. I am ready!!!

* Word on the street is that my favorite Christmas radio station MIGHT be starting Christmas music this weekend too. That would really be the cherry on my Sunday :-)

So there you go...a little glimpse of my fun-filled weekend. Anyone else doing anything fun this weekend? Anyone else setting up Christmas decor like me? Ha!


  1. Sounds so fun...enjoy!!

    Our friends (who live in Tinley) are cooking us and another couple dinner on Sat night. Looking forward to a relaxing night in with friends

  2. Can't wait! Cheesecake Factory here we come!

  3. Have fun! I'm with you...I can't wait for Christmas. I'm starting on my decorations next week! Have fun this weekend!

  4. Just as an FYI they started playing Christmas music Saturday! I have been listening to it all day today!!!


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