Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Groupies & a Quick Review

Well...girls's day was everything I hoped it would be! We had a great lunch, Tara and Linsey polished off a bottle of wine (I might have stole a sip or two) and we finally got see NEW MOON!! Don't we look like a couple of groupies in our t-shirts?

Tara even admitted that seeing us in our t-shirts made her want one as well. Don't worry honey...I will have something waiting for you when we go see "Eclipse" in June :-)

A few people have asked me what I thought about the movie and I was honestly a little reluctant to post my review because as I said in my previous post...critics have slammed it. But either I am an idiot, or a total sucker for teenage romance, because I thought it was AWESOME!!! The book is definitely better (because what book isn't better than movie) but I thought they did a pretty great job of coming as close as possible. The screenplay was spot-on in my opinion.

As for the special effects with the wolves...a lot of critics made fun of them saying they were "Mikey Mouse special effects" but I thought they were very convincing (aside from Jacob's spiderman move jumping into Bella's window). And let's be honest...I didn't see the movie for the action or the special effects. I saw the movie because I am completely in love with Edward, Bella AND Jacob. I am still Team Edward after seeing this movie, but I have to admit that Taylor Lautner did a pretty fantastic job. I can see the appeal now, even though I hate to admit that because the kid is seriously 17-years-old. But those abs...come ON! And Kristin Stewart did an amazing job. She wasn't as awkward in this film, which was nice because I am not sure I could have lasted through another 2 hours of eye twitches and hair tousles. Ha!

And then there is Edward. Oh Edward. He is reason enough to see the movie, regardless of the fact that he is only in about 30 minutes of it. I have seen Robert Pattinson on several talk shows over the past few months and while I do still think the guy is cute, I don't get that "OH MY're the hottest thing alive" feel from him. Well, that is until I watch the movie. RPatz as Edward is just gorgeous and I can't get enough of him (but shhhh...don't tell Angel that. He is still my #1 vamp :-)

So anyway, I would love to talk about all of my favorite scenes from the movie, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. All I can say is that if you go into the movie knowing that it isn't better than the book and that every movie has its will not be disappointed. I thought it was funny, sad, and incredibly romantic. Well worth the ticket. 

Thanks for being my wing-men Lins and Tara!!!! Only 7 months until Eclipse comes out!


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