Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sorry Pilgrims...Jesus Wins

To quote my very good friend Kate..."Sorry Pilgrams...Jesus Wins". I know Thanksgiving is still a little over a week away, but I couldn't take it any longer. After a weekend of Christmas shopping and listening to the Holiday LITE...I knew it was time to put up the tree...

I typically put up two trees...one 9 foot tree in my dining room and this smaller pencil tree in my family room. But because I am bringing home a new baby just a few short days after Christmas, I tried to go with a minimalistic approach to my decorating this year. Well...as minimalistic as I can possible get :-)

So I narrowed down to one tree, which is no longer in my family room, so I had to really spruce up the fireplace mantel with some lights (which you can hardly see in the pic) and some other fun decor...

And come on, I couldn't go the whole season without putting up Addie's cute pink tree! (not sure why it looks so crooked in the pic)...

And finally, because I can no longer leave wrapped gifts under my tree (because a certain someone knows how to open them)...I decided to just use them as decor. I never know what to put on top of this china cabinet during the holidays, so I thought stacking a few gifts would be cute. Yes...I already have some of my Christmas gifts wrapped...

So there you go! A little sneak peak of my Christmas set-up this year. Its not my usual overhaul of decorating, but it is still cheery, festive and fun. I just love Christmas!!!! Anyone else set up a little early this year? I know I am not alone :-)


  1. I started pulling out all of my xmas stuff this morning! Listening to Christmas music for the past week, couldnt wait anymore. I love the house, looks adorable. Quick tip - careful of your stockings. More so the stocking holders. Had a friend who's three year old pulled on the stocking and took the holder with it and 7 stitches to the forehead later.... Kennedy pulled one down last year and thankfully it only got her foot, and just left a bruise.
    Honestly, i love the title of this post. Sorry pilgrims, jesus wins. FANTASTIC.

  2. GOOD tip on the stockings. Hadn't thought about Addie pulling those down. Maybe those should wait until Christmas morning like everything else :-) Don't need any broken toes or damaged fireplaces :-)

  3. I haven't even gotten my halloween stuff down! Ha! I'll blame three weeks of continual sickies on that... But, I insist on real trees so I can't do my tree until at least the weekend after Turkey Day. I'll probably try to wait until the first weekend in Decemeber, but that doesn't mean that outside lights and other decor can't go up! Love it! :)

  4. Wow you sure are organized! I hadn't even thought of pulling my Christmas stuff out yet! :)

  5. OH GIRLY girly girly... you didn't... :P What about fakesgiving?? :P

  6. Oh how adorable is your house! Good for you! I'm with you usually, putting up the tree in the first few weeks of November but this year with the little puppy we won't be able to put it up!

  7. You are definitely NOT alone in an early Christmas mood. I've got some ideas up my sleeves as far as decorating goes and gifts, but no decor out yet. I'm trying to slow things down and enjoy my Thanksgiving decor for a bit...since my house has been in overhaul mode, it's nice to have a little something out to look at.
    You are so smart to get the decor out and good grief, the wrapped presents...man, WAY TO GO!! You must be in full "nest" mode.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  8. Very pretty! You are so ahead of the game! And way to go for thinking ahead for when the baby arrives!

    I CAN NOT believe he's almost here! Feels just like yesterday you were telling us you were expecting!! I just love babies! Yay!

    Oh....and Christmas too! hehe ;)

  9. What a great friend you have!!! :-) LOL!!! Listen, you know I couldn't wait either! I can't wait to put up our family tree... it makes my whole life!
    Also, how is Mamasita coming with those Advent calendars?!?! My wall is very bare!

  10. That is like the best quote ever!

    I love Addies little pink tree!

    I have a feeling I will be using gifts as high up decor this year, too!


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