Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time to Hire an Assistant

Any person who says that being a Stay at Home Mom isn't a lot of work is seriously smoking crack. This is by far the hardest (most rewarding) job I have ever had. Before I was a SAHM, I had no idea how much there was to get done around the house while taking care of a toddler. So, I decided that in order to get all of my responsibilities done each day, I would have to put Addie to work too.

Friends...I would like to introduce you to my new Administrative Assistant...

She will be responsible for handling all phone calls and paperwork (this includes grading my student essays)...

She has excellent message taking skills, so I knew she would be perfect for the job. Here she is writing down a message from Nana...

And here she is hanging up on a telemarketer. That's my girl!!

So you see...staying at home doesn't have to be stressful, as long as you are willing to put your kids to work. Thanks Miss Addie! I owe you a pack of fruit snacks :-)


  1. This honestly might be one of THE cutest posts I have ever seen. SO CUTE!

  2. LOL, just added some laughs to my blah day. Addie is so cute and what a great assistant!!

  3. How perfect...and cheap too! I think I could handle a pack of fruit snacks. :)

  4. I love the glasses. Addie is adorable!!

  5. I am cracking up! These photos are adorable. Looks like a great assistant.

  6. She is so cute! I could use one of those! :)

  7. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously the cutest pics ever! Addie is ADORABLE!


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