Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Day Part I

What better way to celebrate my 500th post than with pictures of Turkey Day Part I!!

Here is Miss Addie modeling her cute outfit...

And here is Grandma Davis acting silly...

I know Nolan has been growing like a weed lately, but there was something about him in his little sweater vest that made him look like such a little man yesterday!!! What a cutie!

As usual, the girls were bonding and spending some quality time playing the piano...

When everyone else ditched Addie, Grandma Davis stepped in to give her a lesson...

And then when Nia and Addie had enough, they plotted their escape :-)

I know that sitting down for a nice relaxing holiday meal is no longer in the cards for us, but it is certainly worth the sacrifice to watch these cuties running around together :-) 

Turkey Day Part II is quickly approaching and Eric and I are more than ready to tackle our birds!! I have come across some great recipes and I promise to share them this week :-)


  1. Cute! So you need to share your Turkey recipe before Wednesday, or at least send it to me! I am making a 22lb bird for 10 on wed nervous!


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