Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Wedding Pics Are In!

Everyone in our family has been anxiously awaiting Ryan and Meagan's professional wedding pics (since no one had their camera with them the whole day) and I have to say...they were worth the wait!!! Their pictures turned out GORGEOUS!!!! Just see for yourself...
First up...our precious peanut :-)
Our Happy Family (including just can't see him under my flowers :-)

My two brothers and I. Love these boys :-)

Me and my new sis!!

Daddy-O and Ryan...stylin in their shades. He is giving him a little pep talk here. Ha!

This is probably one of my favorite pics of the day. Addie and her Uncle Ryan.

Four generations...another priceless picture :-)

And here we are...making our way down the isle.

Addie did so great...even though she looks like a deer in headlights. Ha!

My favorite wedding party shot...

My favorite shot of the happy couple. So gorgeous.

And FAVORITE shot of my husband. Yes...he is the goof ball on the far left.

Chosing which pics to post was SO hard because like I said...they all turned out so beautiful. It is still hard to believe that the day has already come and gone...but at least we have countless memories to look back on :-)


  1. LOVE the Christmas layout.

    The pictures are so great. The one of Addie sitting on the brides dress is so cute.

  2. Your family is GORGEOUS! and Addie is beautiful as usual. :)

  3. What adorable pictures! You look fantastic and Addie is so cute!

  4. Love the family pic and that you all got to walk down the aisle together!
    Your hubby can get up!! (wow, that came out wrong, but I decided now to leave it.) :)
    Your dress turned out great and you look fab in it!

  5. I'm laughing out loud at Molly's comment... ;) Very nice pics and I love the new layout! :)


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