Monday, November 2, 2009

Wedding Prep for a Pregnant Chic

I was a blushing bride only 3 short years ago and I remember thinking about all the little details of the day. My dress, my hair, my makeup, my tan, my undergarments :-), etc. I was pretty prepared though. I found the perfect dress, I spent half a year on Weight Watchers, I spent lots of unhealthy time in the sun, I got my make-up professionally done, and I splurged on some wonderful undergarments from Nordstroms. I felt beautiful that day.

Luckily, being in a wedding as a mere bridesmaid has one huge one is looking at me. Everyone will be looking at the bride, which means that in all doesn't matter how I look. last forever and wedding pictures are always the ones that stay in frames for years and years to come. So...with that in mind...I decided that I better try to make the best of what I have to work with this time around. And all I really have to work with this time around is hair and make-up. Ha!

I went out on a search of celebrity hairstyles (as I always do) because I have been loving two particular looks lately (1) anything with braids and (2) the side ponytail/bun. Both always look so cute on celebs. Here is a pic of what I am going for...

I have a little more bang than she does but I still plan to wisp it over to the side. I think this is such an elegant, soft look. Hopefully it looks as cute on me.

As for make-up, I am adding one very important touch...fake lashes. I wore them for my wedding and they made such a huge difference in pictures. MAC is my favorite because they look so natural on.

Now comes the hard part. Here is a picture of the bridesmaid dresses the girls will be wearing...

Gorgeous right? Well sadly, after lots of brainstorming and several phone calls to the was determined that there is "absolutely no way to turn this into a maternity dress". The company does make some maternity options, but they look nothing like this dress. So...I hired Jan (a.k.a mom)...master make a maternity dress out of fabric we ordered from the designer. The top will look the same (sweetheart style with fabric pleats) but instead of staying fitted around the bodice, mine will flare to an A-line dress with an empire waist. My mom has been working SO hard on this dress and I just can't thank her enough. So even though I will be sporting one extra large accessory that day, all of the girls will look the same from the bust up :-)

Now...regarding my bust down...I have purchased another necessity for the day...Mama Power Spanx nylons. The dress is long and I doubt anyone will see my legs, but these bad boys suck everything in nice and tight so there isn't any extra jiggle in the back.

Pretty different from the undergarments I wore on my wedding day. HA! that all of that is settled...I get to focus on the fun stuff. You know, like FINALLY having an excuse to go get a mani and pedi!! That is scheduled for later in the week but I can't wait. I better bring extra money for the tip because the girl working on my feet has her work cut out for her. Haha!


  1. Love the hair. I still need a style for my reception in 3 weeks...ahhh!!

    I wore MAC lashes for my wedding. They were SO much fun. I loved them. I got another pair for my reception too.

    Can't wait to see pics of the pregnant bridesmaid, you will look beautiful!

  2. Being a bridesmaid is a lot of work! I found it more stressful being in my friend's wedding than having my own wedding! I'm sure you'll look gorgeous!

  3. I love MAC eyelashes. I'm not sure why... they just make me feel... awesome! :) And can't wait to see that picture of the dress!

  4. I LOVE the side bun. Wearing one now!
    The dress is gorgeous. Maybe after you have the baby, your mom can turn it into that style and you can wear it again!

  5. You're going to look great! I totally get the fake eyelashes bit... I was blessed with hardly ANY lashes, so I had actual extensions on for my wedding... (o:


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