Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wedding Recap & The Few Pics I Have

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding or been a part of the planning process knows that there are 900 different decisions to make before the big day. Like...where to get married, when, how many people to invite, who should be in the wedding party, etc. And those are the big decisions. You also have to think about favors, table settings, cakes, etc. The list goes on and on. And while you can control and plan almost every aspect of a wedding, there is one thing that is 100%, completely out of your hands. The weather. No matter how many times a day you stalk or study the average temperature and rainfall of your area...there is no way you can plan a perfect weather day. You just have to close your eyes and pray really, really hard. 

So...when we woke the morning of my brother's NOVEMBER wedding, we were shocked, amazed and overjoyed when we looked outside...

It was sunny and 70 DEGREES!!!! We must have all closed our eyes and prayed at the same time because my brother and Meagan were given the most perfect, gorgeous wedding day anyone could have ever asked for.

So needless to say, the day was off to a great start. I also managed to fit into my beautiful maternity bridesmaid dress (with very little room to spare I might ad :-) And just for kicks, here is my 32 week belly pic :-)

I also lucked out with a good hair day! My side swept updo turned out just the way I wanted. Thanks rock!

And speaking of good hair days and just overall is my new sister-in-law making her way down the isle...

You know I love a shot of the train...

Aww...the happy couple finally tying the knot. My brother looked so handsome!

And here is their gorgeous cake. If you can't make out the top, the bride figure is actually pulling the groom by his shirt collar AND they managed to find a toy Jeep (just like the one my brother drives and works on during all of his spare time). The cake was so unique...I loved it.

And here I am with my beautiful, talented seamstress (a.k.a mamacita)!

And with my other sis-in-law, Dana, giving Mr. Blake a little rub :-) you all know from several Mueller weddings I have posted about over the past two years, my Uncle Jimmy ALWAYS rocks the accordion. And boy did he rock last night!

And finally...the bride and groom sharing their first dance as husband and wife.

Okay, I know you are ALL wondering about Miss Addie but don't worry...she was there and looking cute as ever!!!! But I only managed to get about two pictures with my camera (the rest of these are all stolen from Facebook) so I have to wait for my father-in-law to send me some of the shots he took. I promise you won't be disappointed. Addie looked like a little princess and she was SO GOOD during the ceremony! She walked down the isle with Eric and I like a pro and then sat like a little lady with Grandma and Grandpa Davis. She was excellent. She didn't make the reception because it was too long of a day, but trust me....she enjoyed herself :-)

So...I promise to post more pics as soon as I have them. Hope you all had a great weekend! I know we did! Congrats again Ry and Meagan!! Hope you two have a blast in Hawaii!!!


  1. Aww you look gorgeous! Your little belly is STILL adorable!

    And your brother and new sister look beautiful!

  2. Jen, you look gorgeous! Such a cute baby belly!

  3. Beautiful wedding and you look great in your dress!

  4. You are gorgeous! Dress, hair and baby bump are all lookin great!
    Love you sis in laws dress!

  5. Great pictures, Jenny! I'm so happy for your entire family. It looked like a beautiful day. Can't wait to see more pics!!



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