Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Addie & Connor's Christmas Playdate

In order to have a successful holiday playdate, us moms need to think ahead of things we will need for the night. Which is why my Christmas gift to Tara was this bottle of wine...

And since I can't drink for another 4 weeks or so, Tara thought she would appeal to my belly by buying Blake some "boy essentials"...

Like a sports themed sleeper...

A book of trucks...

And in honor of my hubby....a camo onesie and hat :-)

After us mommies got our gifts out of the way, we let the kids go to town on theirs...

Connor got Addie a TON of baby doll accessories...

And Addie got Connor some new bath toys and a lawn mower!!

We thought these new toys would keep the kids busy for hours, but they were more interested in their Pez...

And pushing around the stroller...together :-)

In fact, these two did EVERYTHING together last night. Like...sharing a snack on the fireplace.

And playing telephone...

And giving kisses (although Addie looks like a typical disgusted girl in this pic. But I assure you...she was all about the kisses :-)

They even brushed their teeth together before bed...

It was so fantastic having the kids together for the night and Tara and I were able to enjoy a chic flick and some quality girl time when they went to bed. But like any mom knows, we were so beat from all the kid-chasing that we crashed pretty early. Haha! I so miss having Tara in town, but at least we can still manage these kid visits a few times a year. And what's crazy to think is that the next time we get together...I will have ANOTHER baby!! Ahh!!

Thanks so much for coming Tara! Addie is already missing Connor today :-(


  1. Connor & Addie look so cute in their PJS!! :)

  2. Oh my gosh what an adorable play date!

  3. Love the camo onesie. Addie and her bf are too cute!

  4. You got some great pictures! I sent you my kissing pic--it turned out really good. Connor and Addie were so cute together. Today I kept asking Connor if he had fun with Addie, and he would get a big smile and say "A-eee!" I think they're destined to get married.
    Miss you guys already!
    Tara (not anonymous :)

  5. How fun!! I love the pic of them brushing their teeth!!

  6. Super cute!!! How fun that the mommies got a play date also! :)


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