Sunday, December 20, 2009

Looks Like I'm Next!

Remember back in July when I posted about the celebrities that were due around the same time as me? of this week...they have ALL had their babies!

Hotties Giselle and Tom Brady had their little boy, named Benjamin, on December 8th.

And since it has been about 11 days, I am sure she already looks like this again...

Kendra Wilkinson also had her baby boy, Hank Jr., on December 11th. The article said she had Hank via c-section after a failed induction. Her due date wasn't until Christmas day and the baby was STILL over 9 lbs!! That's just crazy.

And last but not least, Kourtney Kardashian had her baby boy, named Mason, on December 14th. Can't find any pictures yet, but hopefully he looks like Kourtney and not her creepy BF. HA! looks like I'm next!!!


  1. hahahaha! That Gisele statement was a crack up!

    So glad you're next on the list!

  2. Come on baby Blake! The Gisele statement cracked me up. Heidi Klum had her baby a week before I had Olivia and then walked the runway at the Victoria Secret Fashion show only weeks later. It makes you sick! :P

  3. What an exciting time.. Maybe Blake will surprise you with a Christmas baby... He wants to see Santa too...why make him wait a whole year.

  4. YAY, you are totally next. SO close!!

    And yes, Giselle is already ready for the runway again! Not fair!


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