Friday, December 25, 2009

A Merry Christmas Indeed!

Let me just say...we had one EXCITING Christmas Day! No...Blake did not arrive, but there was a very happy baby surprise. But we will get to that later.

So here we are, Christmas morning. Addie wasn't out of bed two seconds and she knew right where to go...

An entire tree filled with gifts, and she heads for the one thing she has already seen...

Her dolly! Go figure :-)

Luckily, she sat dolly down long enough to open a few gifts.

And then when she was worn out, she stopped at her diner for some tea :-) It was SO CUTE watching her open gifts today. Too bad she wanted each individual item out of it's packaging before moving on to the next. That is why you see her tea set, Sugar doggie and a few other toys already out of their boxes. Ha!

And then from one spoiled household to another...we arrived at my in-law's bright and early for gifts and some delicious breakfast!

The girls couldn't even handle sitting in their highchairs with all the exciting gifts to open! Here is Daddy helping her try on her new princess backpack...

And here are Aunt Dana and Uncle Kevin opening some of their gifts...

And Nia Beanie smiling for the camera...

And Addie and Daddy playing around before we had to head home for naptime.

It is honestly a good thing that Addie took the long nap she did, because the excitement wasn't over yet. When we arrived at Eric's Aunt's house for dinner, a very special guest was their to greet all the kiddies!!!

I wasn't sure if Addie would go to Santa (especially after our mall incident) but I guess she couldn't resist another gift...

Or some more candy...

In fact ALL the kids managed to warm up to Santa and they even let us get close enough to take this picture...

It was a GREAT idea to contact Santa for an extra visit Aunt Dana. Way to go :-)

So...on to the baby surprise I was talking about earlier. See this little girl? That is Miss Audrey and she became a BIG SISTER TODAY!!!

Eric's cousin Katie (who was due the same day as me) woke up to a little Christmas surprise this morning...her water breaking!! She went to the hospital at 5:00 this morning and her little man arrived at 3:30 p.m. We have not had the chance to see him yet in person, but we do have the info. They named him Cole Christopher and he weighed in at 10 POUNDS, 1 OUNCE and was 23 INCHES LONG!!!!! And yes...she had him naturally and only pushed about 15 minutes. Katie is my hero :-)

So there you go...a little recap of our exciting day. It was a Merry Christmas indeed :-)


  1. SO glad you guys had a great Christmas! And HOLY MOLY!!! 10 lbs!!! Natural!!!! I thought Austin was big!

  2. Holy cow! I can't believe all of the presents in your MIL's living room! My goodness! :) Looks like Addie & Nia made out like bandits! ;)

  3. Addie looks so big! She's sure turning into a lovely little girl isn't she?

    Your Christmas looked like so much fun! You guys did a great job! Addie is a lucky lucky girl!

  4. Looks like you had a busy Christmas! :)


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