Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Funtabulous Weekend!

Have I expressed lately just how much I love the holidays? I know they can be stressful and chaotic at times but in the end...I think that's what makes them so much fun! When I looked at my calendar Friday morning, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. I had a final to give, papers to grade, a doctors appointment, a hair appointment, a cookie exchange, a scrapbook get-together AND a family Christmas party. What the F was I thinking scheduling all that in one weekend? 

Well, I am happy to say (as I sit here in my jammies on Sunday night) that the weekend just kept getting better and better.

For starters, I received a little Secret Santa surprise on Friday afternoon. My mommy board friends and I had our third annual Secret Santa exchange and Mia sent Addie and I the BEST gifts!

Those homemade cookies you see were gone the first day. I won't say who ate them all...but I will give you one guess. And, since we needed to restock the cookie jar and prepare for our cookie exchange, I decided to put Addie to work with one of her Secret Santa gifts...a baking set! Here she is rolling out some dough...

And using her little cookie cutters...

She is the cutest little cookie chef I have ever seen. That was such a fantastic gift Mia!!! Thank you so much!!!!

After a long day of baking, it was time to give my students their final exam. I always get just a little sad at the end of the semester when I have to say goodbye to my class and since I have decided to take the Spring semester off to spend time with Blake and Addie, I was especially emotional thinking that I won't be back to the college until the fall. But...several of my students left some very sweet notes for me after their final and that brightened my night right up :-)

On Saturday, I started my morning with yet another doctors appointment. Blake is measuring right on schedule and his heartbeat was nice and strong. But the best part of the appointment was the fact that I was first and only had to wait 2 minutes before they called me in!! Woohoo! This never happens by the way. I usually have a standard 30 minute wait. So, since I was able to get in and out of the office, I had 3 whole hours TO MYSELF before my hair appointment. I should have gone to get a pedicure or shopped a few of the baby boutiques downtown, but I decided to be responsible and grabbed a decaf Gingerbread Latte and sat down at Barnes and Noble. In three quiet hours, I was able to grade ALL OF MY PAPERS!!! I walked out of there feeling so accomplished. This obviously made my hair appointment that much more enjoyable.

When I got home from one of my last mommy-alone days before the baby arrives, my house was clean (thanks to Grandma), my daughter was well rested from a nice long nap (thanks again to Grandma) and dinner was already in the oven (thanks to my hubby).  I mean really...can you ask for a better day?

That night I also managed to get in some scrapbooking with my friend Jenny and her daughter Kaitlyn. Well...we actually did more chatting and cookie eating than scrapbooking but's the holidays!! It was great seeing you girls!!!

After two fun-filled days, I could have seriously used my Sunday to just lounge around in my jammies. was the Mueller Christmas party and there is just no missing that. Especially not when there is a Christmas hat contest!!!

Uncle Jerry's hat was pretty darn good...

And Uncle Bill's got a pretty loud roar from the crowd...

But in the end, it was my cousin Julie that took home the prize...

Although, Addie still thinks Grandpa should have won...

After watching the hat contest, Addie made her rounds. She played with Uncle Ryan and Uncle Adam, she scoped out the gift table and she even managed to stop by and give Evie a little kiss.

Then it was time for Mueller Family Feud. Mom and Dad were up against each other for the final question. So dramatic :-)

After all the excitement, Addie was just plain pooped! So she looked for her BFF Allie and plopped down in her lap. She sat there for a good ten minuets before she got up, looked at me, pointed to the door, and said "Buh bye". I couldn't have agreed more.

Ahhh....sitting here in my comfy clothes knowing that I have NOTHING to do tomorrow makes me very happy. And with that...I will end this novel-length post. I hope you all had a productive, festive, fun-filled holiday weekend! I know we did!!!


  1. Addie is such a cute little chef. Love her apron!

    Your weekend sounds awesome and so glad to hear Blake is healthy and ready to join the world!! Can't wait to see pics of him!!

  2. How FUN! Makes me want to introduce a little toddler I know to baking! Now rest up for the holidays and Blake's arrival!

  3. All of that sounded so fun! I can't believe that you guys get to do cool stuff for Christmas on BOTH sides of your family! WTF! Can someone send our families the memo? Not that our get togethers aren't fun... But it would be fun to add a little hat contest or something! Sheesh! :)


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