Monday, December 14, 2009

Resolution #1: Go Green...Again

There is a good chance that most of my early January posts will be about Mr. Blake, so I thought it might be fun to post about some of my News Years resolutions now while I have time. My first resolution this year is to go green...again. I say "again" because I keep trying to be better about recycling and using reusable products but as soon as life gets too hectic, I fall off the wagon. But I feel that if I start small and concentrate on the things I waste the will be a productive step in the right direction. So, here are a few of my small green steps this new year:

1.) Remember to bring my reusable bags with me on EVERY grocery/shopping trip. 

My mom bought me these adorable Envirosax bags two years ago and I can still count on my hands the number of times I have actually remembered to bring them with me to the store. From now on...I will carry then in my purse/diaper bag at all times.

And look...Envirosax even makes bags for kids now so Addie can help me when I shop :-)

2.) Stop wasting plastic sandwich bags for snacks. 

I am disgusted by the number of plastic baggies I go through each week. I usually throw a bag of blueberries, goldfish crackers, Pirates Booty, etc. in my purse every time we leave the house and those bags usually get thrown out after one/two uses. So, I came across these Lunchskins bags and thought they would be perfect for toting around Addie and Blake's snacks. They are super cute and come in bunch of fun colors.

3.) Quit drinking bottled water and tea. 

I drink a ton of water and iced tea and I can't tell you how many bottles we go through each month. We do recycle them, but why go through all that trouble and waste when you can refill cute bottles like these Klean Kanteens? Plus...using filtered tap water and Lipton powdered mix will save tons of money in the process. That is a win/win for me :-)

4.) Stop using paper shopping bags to tote things around. 

I always save the paper shopping bags I get from the mall so that I can use them when I need to carry several things to a party, get together, playdate, etc. But then after the party, those bags end up getting thrown in the trash. Big waste. My SIL Meagan has one of these awesome Reisenthel Market Baskets that she brings with her when she has to lug several things to and from her house. They are sturdy and you can carry a ton of stuff. And the best part...they are collapsible which means they are super easy to store. Problem solved!

I have also considered using cloth diapers as my #5, since that would be a HUGE way to save waste. BUT...I just can't bite the bullet to spend all the money up front to get started and I just can't imagine spending the extra time to clean and launder all those diapers when I already feel like my day is crunched for time. God bless all the families out there that use cloth diapers...I envy you :-) anyone else trying to go green in the new year? Is this a resolution you plan to make...and 2010? What reusable items are you in love with?

More resolutions to come...


  1. I applaud you my dear! If you havent bought it yet - the Kleankanteen bottles are SUPER heavy. I have one and never use it because how heavy it gets when you fill it. You can just have it if you want? I use CamelBak and will never switch - they are awesome. Hope this helped on your green endeavor!

  2. Oh, I think I have a new love - those collapsible baskets your SIL uses! WHHHEEEEEE!!!
    Go Green!

  3. Love the collapsable basket... I wish I had time to order some for Christmas!

    I just bought these a month or so ago and LOOOVE them! In fact, I found some of the same type just not colored at Costco. They really actually ARE leak-free which is the main thing for me. I carry water around daily and my Nalgene was getting beat up. So, I bought these and will never go back. I toss this sucker in my purse and don't think twice. It keeps water cold forever and it's kept boiling hot water hot on an "outing" when I had to heat a bottle. The water after three hours was still warm/hot enough to heat the breastmilk (in the bag) for the bottle... AWESOME! :) They are only 16oz though, so that may be a downer for you. I wish it were 20-24. The size is great for fitting in my purse though.

    Ok, didn't mean to be a novel commenter... HA!

  4. Oh! I forgot! I love the idea of the reusable ziplock thingies. I was going to suggest Etsy (just 'cause I like supporting Etsiers.) I also asked your mom a while ago if she thought she could make them and I think she said she just needed to find the right material. So, she probably could just make you some! But, maybe it's too much of a hassle.

    Ok. That's all. For now, at least. :)

  5. I love my kleen kanteen!! I also use way to many paper bags when i tote things around.

    I like your enthusiasm to go green, I need to do more as well. I do buy the green works cleaning supplies and I love those.


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