Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Resolution #2: Get Organized and STAY Organized

Before I get to Resolution #2, I just wanted to give a quick update to Resolution #1: Go Green...Again. I received this e-mail from a great website called Reuseablebags.com (they carry those wonderful Reisenthel Baskets you all raved about on my last post). Here are the top waste habits we need to kick this year. I was actually happy to see so many that are already on my list! And if you order from them this week, enter coupon code HOLIDAY49 to get free shipping.

So...on to Resolution #2: Get Organized and STAY Organized! This has actually been a mission of mine all year. I have already blogged about my major closet cleanout and I have also reorganized every cabinet and drawer in my house. We are in good shape when it comes to that. BUT...there are still a few things I need to be better about this year. Here they are in no particular order:

1.) Keep my planner/calendar up to date.

When I worked full time, I NEVER had a problem with this. My planner was my life and I had the time to keep it up to date because I sat at a desk all day. Well, my job is very different nowadays and I need to find a planner that works for moms on the go. I need to keep dates, appointments, birthdays, medical information, etc. all in one place so I don't lose it. And, as much as I love paper and 50 different pockets on a planner, it isn't practical when you are constantly throwing it in and out of a purse or diaper bag. I need something more compact. I have searched and searched for the perfect busy mom planner and my friend Nina finally convinced me to give MomAgenda a try. I should be receiving my planner tomorrow and I promise to give a full review in case you are in the same boat as me :-) 

2.) Keep my coupons organized so I actually remember to use them.

Another resolution I make every year (which is on my list again) is to be more frugal and be better about clipping coupons to save some dough. The problem is, I clip all these coupons and then forget to take them with me to the store! Or if I do remember, they are so disorganized I can hardly find what I am looking for! So...I came across a great idea for a coupon organizer. It is made of fabric and straps to the shopping cart!! Take a look...

I would order this one from Amazon, but my Mom has other ideas to make it even more effective (and cute) so she is going to make one for me. Who knows...they may just be for sale in the near future :-)

3.) Start using a diaper bag again, even if it is one more thing to carry.

I don't know about you other moms out there, but I got so SICK of carrying around a diaper bag in addition to my purse everywhere I went. Now grant it...when Addie was a baby and needed more things, I carried one every day. But when she started getting older, I would just throw my Diapies and Wipies case in my purse (along with her sippy cup, snacks, toys, etc.) This worked fine most days because I carry a pretty large purse. But when I would go somewhere alone, I would empty out all of the "Addie items" and throw them on the counter. Then when it was time to go somewhere with her again, I would forget some of these items and be up shit creek without a diaper...literally. So, I decided that since Blake will need lots of stuff anyway, I might as well start carrying a diaper bag again so that ALL of the kids stuff is in it, organized and ready to go no matter what. And because I am a purse/bag whore, I couldn't decide on just one bag to try. So I bought the SkipHop Deluxe Duo in black (because my friend Linsey swears by it and I had a gift card) and I also got this Vera Bradley Baby Bag for $40 (originally $120).

Both bags are more compact than your normal diaper bag AND they have TONS of pockets, perfect for organization. And they are both unisex so that Eric doesn't feel like I am robbing him of his "Man Card" when he carries it. Problem solved...I hope :-)

I know my list of organizational goals will continue to grow, but these are definitely a good start for me. I am so forgetful lately it scares me. So, one way to remedy that is to be more organized! Does anyone else have this on their resolution list? Do any of you have any great organizational tips or products to share?


  1. definitely on my list. keeping our HOUSE organized, too! we go through these huge weekend cleanouts and then it's disgusting again in a week. so annoying. :)

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  3. That is my life long goal. Maybe when I'm 90 my drawers, cabinets, pantry & purse will be 100% organized. When I'm 90 I plan to be running marathons and about 40 lbs lighter also... ;0)

  4. I'm going to organize ALL the cabinets/closets over winter break! Thanks for the inspiration. Oh, and we have the SkipHop Diaper bag and still use it when we have day adventures. Works so well!

  5. Um, could you tell your mom that I would pay her to make me one of the coupon holders!! I am using an envelope and I've been trying to find a cute one!! Help!!


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