Friday, December 4, 2009

Ridiculous or Genius?

I don't know how I got on so many mailing lists for catalogs, but it seems that I get almost 5 a day during the holiday season. Some of them I have never heard of before, like Garnet Hill, but now I am in love with their website! I also get tons of kids clothing and toy catalogs, and today I was flipping through one and came across the most random invention.

Sled Shorts...

Yes...the child above actually has a sled attached to her butt. No more carrying or dragging saucer sleds to the nearby hill. Now you can just slip your sled shorts on and go! At first, I thought this was a totally ridiculous item to spend $35 on on. I mean can't carry a sled? They can't remember to bring it home from the hill? They literally need it attached to their butt?

But then my hubby made an excellent point. Remember all those times you said "screw the sled...I am going down on my butt"? Of course, you always realized half way down (if you made it that far) that snow pants aren't made to cushion you from every little bump in the grass, nor are they tough enough to last more than one round or two. It seemed my brothers and I were always coming home with holes in the butt of our snow pants and this is why. So...if you think about it...this invention is pretty genius wouldn't you say? No more ruined snow pants, no more loosing sleds at the park, and no more bruises the size of apples because you hit a tree root half way way down the hill. Yes...that happened.

Has anyone else come across a crazy invention or Christmas gift idea that seemed totally ridiculous in the beginning, but then later you came to wish that you would have thought of it?


  1. I'm pretty sure I need those. Seriously. The butt is always the first thing to go in my snow pants!!!!

  2. These are awesome!! I would have totally worn them...probably still would now :-)

  3. That is an awesome idea.. I bet my kids would thank my for those fancy pants..

  4. Wow, this is seriously awesome! I laughed hysterically at first but the more I think about it, the more I love it!


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