Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tacky is a Good Thing at Christmas

Our family got together for our annual Tacky Christmas Party this weekend at Uncle Joe's house and it was a blast! This party began about 5 years ago and it was usually an all-night event...if you catch my drift. No kids = lots of spiked eggnog :-) 

But now that there are kiddies involved, the party has changed just a bit. Instead of laughing and telling inappropriate jokes while sipping on wine and beer, we all chased our little peanuts around laughing and using phrases like "Get that ornament out of your mouth" and " do not sit on your cousins head." But regardless of the change in the guest list, we all still managed to get as tacky as possible. I mean come on...that is half the fun!

Even Brennan joined in and wore his tackiest Christmas sweater.

One of my personal favorites of the night was my mom's t-shirt. This won't be funny unless you have seen "Taladega Nights". Although, Addison hasn't seen that movie and she thought it was pretty good :-)

She also liked Grandpa's light-up tie...

And Daddy's old lady vest...

But for some reason, she wasn't digging my tacky cardigan :-(

Oh well...the night was still fun and it was great getting all the kids together for their first official Tacky Christmas party. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend too!!


  1. Fun! My family has a Christmas party every year. It doesn't have a tacky theme per se but a lot of the clothing worn by family members is questionable! :)

  2. Oh man! I wish I could get our families to be so festive! Dang! I want your family to adopt me!

  3. This is such a fun idea. I have always wanted to have an ugly sweater party for the holidays. Love your hubbys vest...LOL...too funny!

  4. oh my what a fun party! Love your cardigan haha!


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