Friday, January 22, 2010

3 People Wet Their Pants Today

After a couple of cooped up weeks in the house, my mom and I decided to take the kiddies to the mall today. We got lunch, had some frozen yogurt, I found some post-baby shirts that are super cute (and way under $45 :-) and then we headed home in time for naps.

Addie looked a little sleepy as we were loading her into the car. And let me just tell you one thing about Addie...if she naps for even one minute in the car, she will not nap at home. And this mama NEEDS nap time :-) So I asked my mom if she would hop in the back to seat to keep Addie entertained until we got home.

Now, when I asked my mom to "hop" into the backseat, I really meant for her to carefully climb. But somehow, mamacita lost her footing and literally fell into the backseat. Legs in the air, crooked glasses, the whole nine yards. Just see for yourself...

Addie thought this was just about the most hilarious thing she had ever seen. That made me start laughing. Hard. Which then made my mom start laughing. Hard. So hard, in fact, that a third person wet their pants today. And I will give you a hint...It wasn't me :-)


  1. Aww! hahahah! Thats hilarious! :) Looks like she was still smiling though. :)

  2. So funny! How fun to be able to shop with your momma!

    Cooper is the same way with sleeping in the car. People probably think I'm crazy dancing and blaring the music, but I just CAN'T let him fall asleep!

  3. I really couldn't wait to change my pants when I got home! I've always had to be careful when I laughed or coughed (old age you know) but this time it just let loose! Couldn't even use my bun warmers on the way home. Simmering pee is not a good scent! Too funny! Almost like when I fell in Addie's bedroom when she was a baby. I'm a tool! That was the last time I peed in my pants.

  4. oh that's funny! it happens to the best of us. The dr's told me after having Elizabeth that it was impossible for me to have a bladder issue... as I had a section, well it went away until I got pregnant again. He is 9 months old and I have to be careful!!

  5. That's so funny! I love laughing so hard I almost wet my pants! haha!

  6. This makes my entire weekend! HILARIOUS! I love you guys!! :-)


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