Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Because 1 Isn't Enough

When the Bella Baby photographer told me that I would get birth announcements in our picture package, I was sort of relieved to know I wouldn't have to create ones on my own. And, because they had such adorable templates to chose from, I knew I would be happy with whatever I picked out. This is the card I selected...

Cute right? I just received these in the mail last week and they are even cuter in person!  

BUT...even though I love these cards, I still couldn't resist creating one on my own when I saw the pics my brother took of Addie and Blake together. I KNOW! But look how cute this card turned out too?

So now I have plenty of announcements and LOTS of addressing to do. I have been slowly distributing these to visitors and I realized today that I better get the rest out soon, especially since Blake will already be a month old NEXT WEEK!!! Where is the time going?


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