Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Boys Finally Meet

Even though Eric's cousin Katie and I were both due with our little boys on New Years Eve...little Cole decided to surprise everyone and show up on Christmas day! And since Blake arrived 3 days later, we weren't able to get together to meet the little man before we headed to the hospital.

Katie and I have been talking for weeks now trying to get these boys together but between busy schedules and the flu...we weren't able to make it happen until today!! And I have to say...Cole is even cuter in person!!! Here are the boys hanging out together on the couch.

They pretty much slept through their playdate but that's okay because their big sisters had enough fun for the both of them.

Big Sis Audrey was ALL about playing dress-up.

Whereas Addie was ALL about trashing the living room. I guess she just wanted to show Audrey all of her toys at once :-)

It is amazing to think that only two short years ago, Addie and Audrey were the two little newborns laying on the couch. And now they are such big girls! I hope that Blake and Cole have as much fun together as our girls do. Although, I am pretty sure they will be bonding over tools and trucks instead of necklaces and tea sets :-)


  1. That is so cute that your little ones are all the same age! Insta-friends!

  2. How cute are they, all of them. So fun to have a play date like that.

  3. TOo cute! Its so funny how you guys have had the girls together and now the boys together! FUN!


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