Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cabin Fever

It has been exactly one week since Eric, Blake and I returned home from the hospital and I have literally not left the house since! I know I have a very good excuse...with a band new baby and all...but I am really starting to get cabin fever. And if you live in Chicago right know today looked like this...

Obviously...we stayed in once again and with temps below zero for the next few days, I have a pretty good idea that we won't be leaving any time soon. I joked about being a hermit on Facebook but I have to many days have you ever stayed in your house without leaving? What were the circumstances? This has all made me very curious :-)


  1. Being snowed in is awesome for like a day...then it sucks! :)
    I was on bedrest when I was preggo for 11 weeks. I went about 3 at one time without leaving the house. It was awful. I have never hated TV so much in my life! (Obv that didn't last long) :)

  2. I have a picture very similar to post today LOL.

    The longest I went was 3 days in college. We had a terrible snow storm, which is random in Carbondale as you know. We were so bored.

    Hope the weather warms up and you can venture out. I'm sure a good manicure would hit the spot.

  3. I went one week when I had the swine flu and that was MISERABLE, gosh I was so happy to finally breath fresh air and get of my room/house! I don't like having to-dos and errands when it's nasty out but I hate being cooped up, it's a conundrum I deal with throughout the winter season.


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