Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Kevin...A Little Belated

Thanks to a nasty bought of flu and all the chaos of Blake's arrival, poor Uncle Kevin's birthday came and went this year :-( But to make up for it, we had a little belated birthday celebration for him tonight. Here is the Birthday boy, Grandma and all the kiddies...

The girls hadn't seen each other in over a week (which is a long time for them) and they wouldn't leave each other's side. 

Well...that is until the french silk pie came out.

Who do you think liked Uncle Kevin's pie the best?

I'll give you one guess...

We hope you had a happy birthday Uncle Kevin!!! Love you lots!!!

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  1. I want some of that French Silk stuff!!! Think Addie would share with me? I know you're busy over there being a new Mama of two... But I started a blog. Yippee!

    Come see me! :)


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