Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Quick Update

See these two little peanuts?

Well I am happy to say that they are both still healthy. I am praying that after MUCH cleaning and disinfecting today (with the help of my fabulous mamacita), my house is free from germies. Or as much as it can be I guess. Also, Eric is feeling much better and even went to work today. Whew! Please stay away Flu...you suck!

* Photograph compliments of Uncle Ryan Photography. Will post more pics soon :-)


  1. So glad to hear the littles are still healthy and happy! They are so cute!

  2. Great to hear. How is Howie doing with a little brother?

  3. Oh what an adorable picture! But more importantly - Glad no one else got the flu!

  4. Freakin' love that picture. Addie's little puckered lips are so cute! :) Thank God for Mamacitas! :)

  5. How precious!
    I love your new background, too!

  6. how precious!! you have a beautiful family! :)


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