Friday, January 29, 2010

Throw Out 50 Things: The First 5

"Throw Out Fifty Things" arrived in my mailbox yesterday and I used my nightly nursing sessions to get started on the first few chapters. And let me just say...the author is hilarious!! She not only talks about the things she is throwing away, but also tells stories about why she keeps them, why she can't part with them, etc. and they are so funny and so true!!

So...I have decided to tackle my new book...and my home...chapter by chapter. Chapter 1 starts in the bedroom and that is where I began this morning. I was only in there an hour while Blake slept and Addie helped me empty a few drawers, and I already have my first 5 list items!! Here they are in no particular order:

1.) Old Lingerie
I suppose this sounds a little disgusting..."old" lingerie, but that is exactly what it is. Bras that are two sizes to small and undies that have passed their prime. I know most of us are guilty of this, but my drawers were pathetic. I had bras in the back of my drawer that were not only two sizes to small, but purchased when I was a freshman in college 10 YEARS AGO! I have absolutely no idea why I kept them or what I was thinking, but they are now in the Goodwill bag. I also pitched all undies that have either passed their prime, or don't fit my lifestyle anymore...if you know what I'm sayin...

2.) Partner-less Socks
I have a wicker basket in my closet where I keep all mismatched socks in the hopes that I will one day find their partner. But thanks to the support and encouragement of Gail (the book's author)...I let them go today. But, before I threw them out, I went through the basket and was actually able to make 7 pairs!!! That just goes to show you how long it has been since I went through that basket. So I gained 7 pairs of nice socks and cleared out a pretty basket I will use somewhere else in the house :-)

3.) Too-short Comfy Pants
I know everyone says that being long legged is a good thing and I suppose to some extent it is. But when it comes to pants...being long legged is not fun because you can never buy regular length pants. And if you can find the occasional pair of comfy pants that are long enough, you have to be careful not to dry them. Well, I have accidentally dried countless pairs in my lifetime and today I found 10 pairs off too-short comfy pants taking up space in my closet. I won't even make excuses for why I kept them...I just did. But today, they are in a bag for my sister-in-law Diana because she has the opposite problem in length :-)

4.) Out of Style Jewelry
Now don't worry...I am not getting rid of any of my nice jewelry or any pieces that have special sentimental value. But...I did think it was time to part with the 3 chocker necklaces I have had since high school. I am also getting rid of the 2 or 3 hemp necklaces with beads I have from college. Even if that style came back, I don't think it would go with my mommy wardrobe. And finally, I bid farewell to the wooden parrot earrings my grandma gave me when she was cleaning out her jewelry box. I took them because I felt bad, and I have kept them all these years for the same reason. But honestly...they are hideous and they have to go. Maybe they will make some little old lady's day at Goodwill :-)

5.) Old Sneakers
I have absolutely NO idea why I have kept 4 pairs of worn out sneakers in the back of my closet. And the worst part is that these shoes have made two moves over the past 5 years! I guess it's like anything I keep...I worry that I will need it later. Like...what if I am painting or helping Eric outside and need a pair of crappy shoes so I don't ruin my good ones? Seems logical right? But I need 4 crappy pairs to chose from? I think not. So they are being sent to Nike's sneaker recycling program :-)

It is amazing how much I was able to throw out in just one hour today! It felt good tackling the bedroom first, since there are so many things in there I couldn't bear to part with for so long. I see a few things of Eric's too that might need to head to the Goodwill bin, but I will have to wait for him to get home. He might need to say his last goodbyes :-)

I am really looking forward to Chapter 2 because I know I am going to add at least 10 or more items to my list. Chapter 2 is tackling the BATHROOM! AH!!! This is one of my favorite chapters so far because the bathroom may be one of the WORST places for hoarding! And she has some awesome tips about what to get rid of in your shower, medicine cabinet, make-up bag, etc. I will share as soon as I have time to get in there.


  1. Oh Socks... I hate folding socks.. I have a whole basket full too. I keep thinking I will use them as dust rags or something and never do. I might make them into Rice packs.. the kind you warm in the wave for a minute and put on your tired aching body.. Yeah one day.

    Maybe you have my loners..

  2. Having long legs is a pain!! LOL I hate when pants shrink and they become too short!

  3. Good job! I have so many of the same things that I should get rid of! Can't wait to hear how Ch. 2 goes!

  4. Jen I was laughing as I read this because Dh and I just cleaned out the closet last night. I too was hoarding 2 pairs of old sneakers for much of the same reasons. I also threw out sweatshirts I've had for 10 years, and I know that my lingerie drawer is still housing bras from when I was in high school. Seriously, after 2 kids I will never fit in that cup size again! So funny


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