Friday, January 8, 2010

Uncle Ryan Works His Magic Once Again

The day after we got home from the hospital, Uncle Ryan was nice enough to come over and take some newborn shots of Addie and Blake. He took a ton for me, but I thought I would just post my favorites.

This is a pic you have already seen, but I just had to post it again because it is so darn precious!

Here is the full color version. What I wouldn't give for skin like Addie or Blake's!

I absolutely LOVE this picture!!! I love that Blake is touching Addie's face and I love her little super model expression. Thanks for the photo idea Aunt Dana :-)

We have about 80 shots of Addie looking down at Blake. She just couldn't take her eyes off him.

But luckily, Uncle Ryan got her to look up and give a big cheesy grin :-)

My grandma crocheted the blanket Blake is wrapped in and I think she is going to love this pic.

Our family shots didn't go well because Blake was hungry and Addie was antsy. But here are two of the cutest ones we could get.

Thanks again for taking such great pictures Uncle Ryan!!! They are beautiful as always :-)


  1. Great Pictures Jen! I love the one of your family of four.

  2. What beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. I love the one of Addie's "model face" too and the big grin. Blake looks precious in all of them, and you and look great too! The last thing I would have wanted to do the day after I came home from the hospital was put on makeup and have pictures fact I still don't feel picture ready 7 weeks later, so props to you for doing it and looking fabulous!

  3. Great pics! Love Addies super model face. :)

  4. These pictures are very beautiful. Uncle Ryan is very talented and you have a wonderful family. Congrats!


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