Monday, January 18, 2010

A Visit with Gracie and The Twinies

Today, my cousin Kris brought Gracie and the Twins over to meet Mr. Blake. I haven't seen the twins since they were born and I could not BELIEVE how much they have grown. Just look at Presley (the baby in the middle)! He is already over 13 pounds and growing by the day! I just can't get over how cute these little kiddies are!

During our visit, Kris and I started comparing notes about being mommies of 2 (or in her case 3). I have been pretty tired lately since Blake is still waking up every 2 hours to eat and at one point I said "I have never been so tired in my life!" As soon as the words left my mouth, I looked over at Kris who was feeding one baby and passing another off to her mom. How could I even say that to a mom of twins! She of course just smiled and said "Me too!" Bless her heart :-)

I know it was no easy task, so thanks for packing the kiddies up and coming out for a visit Kris!! It was great seeing all of you and I really hope we can do it again soon. Love ya and keep up the great work mama!!! 


  1. Look at all those pretty babies! I love that you say "bless her heart". :)

  2. I love ALL of those kids on the couch! I'm surprised you got them all to cooperate! :) Try again when they're all mobile! LOL!

  3. How cute and twins...?? Wow I can't even imagine.

    Soon Blake will be sleeping through the night and you will be a well rested momma!


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