Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Weekend of Organization

After a lot of hard work and a very productive weekend, I am happy to say that I have thrown out 50 things!! Woohoo! But before I share my list, I want to introduce you to another AWESOME organizational book called "Unclutter Your Life in One Week". My Mom gave me this book to read a few weeks ago (when I was still in my newborn haze) and I finally managed to read it this weekend and I thought it was fantastic. The author still follows the same concept of purging to make peace in your life, but she does it with a lot more helpful information and advice on how to do this. 

I used this book as a guide during my weekend purge and if you're planning to start a purge of your own and only want to buy one book, I would honestly chose this one over "Throw Out Fifty Things". I thought both books were excellent, but this one just had more of the information and guidance I was looking for.

Now, I would love to type out my list of 50 tonight, but I am VERY tired and since this little peanut is sound asleep...

I think I better take advantage :-) I hope you all had a fun and productive weekend!

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