Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Recap

It was another fun, relaxing weekend around the Davis household. I accomplished some much needed cleaning while Addie got some much needed playtime with Nia.

Here are the girls enjoying a cinnamon roll (compliments of Daddy) and some juice. VERY nutritious breakfast :-)

And to thank Daddy (a.k.a. Uncle Eric), the girls ran right to him for a big hug! I would hug him too for a cinnamon roll. Ha!

The girls played SO good with each other this weekend. Usually, Addie isn't big on hand holding. Poor Nia always tries to hold Addie's hand but she never lets her. So I am sure you can imagine Nia's surprise when Addie reached for HER hand!

And she didn't let go. She led Nia all over the house and finally ended up in her favorite spot...

Her comfy chair. The girls sat here watching cartoons for about 5 minutes before they discovered a new activity...

Dress up!!!!! This might be my favorite picture of all time!! So freaking cute!!

And speaking of cute, here is my little man waving for the camera. Isn't he getting so big?!!! Time needs to slow down.

We also did lots of lounging this weekend. Here are the kiddies cuddling on the couch after bath time. Can you tell Blake loves his big sister?

And boy does she love him! She never wants to give him up!

And really...can you blame her?

Now that Addie is in bed for the night, I think I am going to hop off and cuddle with this little cutie. I hope you all had a great weekend. I know we did!


  1. That dress up picture is SOOO cute! Looks like they had a good time! :)

  2. Your kiddos are too stinkin' cute! Glad you guys had a fun weekend!

  3. The girls are so darling. I love the sunglasses picture! :) I LOVE that you and Dana get along so well so that Nia and Addie can grow up together. That is one of my biggest wishes for my *someday* children.

    Oh, and Blake is so beautiful! :)

  4. How cute are they holding hands. So sweet.

    Blake is growing like a weed!!

  5. What adorable pictures from this weekend! The girls getting dressed up are just too cute! And I love the Addie/Blake interaction!


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