Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Cupid is Bringing Me

Okay...I know I am the last person to own one of these...but that doesn't make me any less excited!!!

 Cupid (a.k.a. Eric) confirmed that for Valentines Day, we will grab a nice dinner and take a trip to the Apple store so I can get my iPhone!!!! I have wanted one for so long but I wasn't willing to pay $400 when they first came out and when the price did finally drop....I was locked into a contract. But the good news is that my contract is up the end of February!! Woohoo!

Now...I have two very important questions for all you iPhone users out there:

1) I am thinking about getting the 8GB because it is only $99. I don't plan on uploading a ton of songs, pictures, movies, etc. so I am not sure if I need more than 8GB. But...for those of you who have it worth spending the extra $100 to get the 16GB?

2) What do you love/hate most about your iPhone? What are your favorite Apps or features? I am pretty sold on getting one, but I still like knowing all the pros and cons :-)


  1. Its the best phone I have ever had, hands down. Way better then any of the blackberries i have dealt with. The only problem - you get hooked on buying apps.I have like 7 screens of apps - ridiculous.

  2. Love, love, love mine! I bought the 16GB but you can get away with the 8GB. I have 497 songs, 2500 photos and 30 applications on mine and I've only used 5 GB of the 16. So you should be safe with the 8! And I download most applications that are free, although I have paid for some. Lots of favorites. I'll show you! Just downloaded a free Spongebot app for Addie since she already knows how to drag her finger on the screen.

  3. Yay, I love my iPhone.

    I have a 16G and will NEVER use all the space. Get the 8G!!

  4. Ok, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my iphone. I also have the 16, but I use almost all my space BECAUSE I have Isaac's movies on them. When we are in a doctors office, I can plop him on my lap and he is content. If you aren't planning on doing on itunes movies, I would totally just get the 8gb. You probably won't even get close to using that!
    As for apps, they have an app for baby called baby log and we used it ALL the time for Isaac to keep track of diapers and feedings and sleep. It was really helpful and I think it was either free or dirt cheap. Ahhh... what did I ever do with out it!?! :-)

  5. I have a 3G and it's perfect. Seriously, don't spend the extra hundred... it's SO not worth it. I have had mine for a long time & I am not even CLOSE to eating up all the space. Promise.

  6. Go with the will be fine :)

    Best apps:
    animatch - for Addie :)

    Those are just a few :) Congrats and have fun with it!!

  7. I don't have one and can't wait to hear your review! What a sweet cupid you have, Jen!

  8. I'm in the stone age, too! I have a blackberry storm, which I really like, but it's no iphone. I think I'm in a verizon contract for the rest of my life, so no ATT for me!

  9. Cool girl! I just got the Motorocla Droid today cause I dropped my BB for the last time. Its as close as I can get to an iphone cause we have Verizon and have to keep it because ATT sucks around here.

    Anyway, I am posting from it now which is super exciting to me because I always blogsurf but could never comment from my BB. I am finding a ton of awesome free apps on this thing, you will have a great time!

  10. you get hooked on buying apps.I have like 7 screens of apps -

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  11. I just was blog hopping and came across your blog...I saw this post and wanted to let you know that I am Cupid is getting me an iphone too!!! I am so excited! I have to wait till the 16th though.

    I have no idea if I am going to get the 3G for $99 or spend the extra 100 and get the 3GS. It was helpful reading your friends comments though,sounds like getting away with the $99 would be just fine!


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