Thursday, February 25, 2010

2-Year-Olds and Photoshoots Don't Mix

My fabulous on-call photographer, Uncle Ryan, drove out once again this week to take pictures of his favorite niece. Everyone warned me that 2-year-olds aren't very cooperative for pictures and you know what...they were right!

The funny thing is...Addie was pretty patient with me while she was getting ready. When I told her it was time to do her hair, she stood right at her mirror and let me begin.

Even when I pulled her hair too tight...

She let me finish the other side...

She even let me use hairspray!

But when I realized that I had left a small piece out of her pigtail and needed to start over...she bolted. And hid between the couch and ottoman. Her favorite place...

All I had to say was, "Want some Nemo fruit snacks?" and she was out...

As I said, the photoshoot did not go well. Addie was all over the place and refused to smile or stand still for two seconds. She just wanted to jump on Uncle Ryan, chase Howie, eat Nemo fruit snacks, etc. When my brother left...I was sure that he hadn't gotten any good shots of her. But thanks to a quick trigger and the magic of photoshop...Uncle Ryan got one BEAUTIFUL shot of peanut!

Even though Addie's 2-year photoshoot was a bust, Blake's impromptu photoshoot was an amazing success!!! He was all smiles and I honestly can't decide which picture I like best. will have to wait to see those until tomorrow :-)

Happy Thursday Friends!


  1. She is so cute! I love the ones behind the couch personally! :) Tomorrow we go for Emma's 2 year pictures...I guess we'll see how that goes! Hah!

  2. That smile is the best!

    I think Evan decided long ago that he was NEVER going to look at the camera! He is impossible to photograph!

  3. You'll have to teach me how to do hair when I have a girl. I'm hair retarded... :)

  4. She looks so cute in pig tails.

    The last pic is super cute. I say it wasn't a total bust!


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