Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blake is 2 Months Old!!!

Even though the calendar says my baby boy is 2 months old today, I honestly feel like he is much older than that. Maybe it's because I already can't picture what life was like without him. Maybe it's because he is already smiling, lifting his head and trying to roll over. Or maybe it's because he is already over 13 pounds!!!! Just look at those precious chubby cheeks! adorable did these pictures turn out? I am so thankful Ryan suggested we get some 2 month shots of Blake the other day because he was SO smiley and happy! I just love this little bugger to death!

This month has been filled with some wonderful milestones. We witnessed countless smiles, our first laugh, our first attempt at rolling over, of all...we've learned to sleep a little longer at night!!! Although, that has only been for the past 4 nights or so. I am hoping we have turned over a new leaf because this mama really needs more sleep :-)

As for the other stats like weight/height, I have a doc appointment scheduled for the kids on Wednesday (Blake's 2 month/Addie's 2 year) so I will be sure to report on those then. In fact, there will be LOTS to report this week as we lead up to my baby girl's birthday!!! Stay tuned for lots of pics, some fun surprises from Nana and Papa and a little recap of Addie's second year :-)

Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. Great pics! I have almost the exact shots of Little T at that same age in that same outfit! Too cute.

  2. TWO MONTHS!? I think he grew up faster than ANY kid ever! wow! this scares me as to how fast it'll fly by when its OUR kid! He is super handsome!

  3. I've missed his entire life! He is so precious.

    Oh, and I love your Fridays are still fabulous post. So true!

  4. Jen...he is so precious! What a little prince!


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