Friday, February 5, 2010

A Couple of Firsts...

Its been almost two weeks since I uploaded pics to my computer, so we have lots of "firsts" to catch up on! 

For starters, the Blakester had his first tub bath!! I really hated giving him sponge baths because he always seemed so cold and uncomfortable. But I am happy to say that he loved chillaxing in his big boy tub. This will be our new nightly routine :-)

I told ya he was getting meaty...just look at that Buddha belly!!

And yesterday...we had another first. Blake's first smile!!!! I know it was real too because he did it several times while I talked to him and tickled his neck. But of course, as soon as I ran to get the camera, he didn't want to do it anymore. This was as close as I could get to a smile...

But even though I didn't get a great smile picture, I did get this adorable shot. What a little peanut!

Now that Blake is finally getting some meat on his bones, Uncle Joe agreed to hold him for the first time (he was too scared to hold a newborn). And once he started holding him...he couldn't put him down!

I mean...can you blame him?

And another first on our list is Uncle Adam, who was the first person to fit in the kiddie booth!! I wouldn't even attempt this, but both my brothers are tall and lean so Adam took one for the team and slid in. Addie was SO excited!! Uncle Adam is going to have to come back and sit with her more often because I still have some time before I will be able to slide in with her. Ha!

 And finally, tonight, Eric and I have our first night out together since Blake was born. Woohoo! I am really looking forward to a dinner without the kiddies, but I know I will miss them like crazy :-)

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. He is so adorable! Enjoy your date night!

  2. How stinkin' cute is that?! I remember when Evan was so little in his bath tub like that!

  3. That adam, he is such a card.
    and Blake is just sooo cute.

  4. Such cute pictures! Have a wonderful date night :)

  5. Uh oh! The green light AND a date night??!! Enjoy lady!


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