Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Damn You Punxsutawney Phil!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today. I mean, that rat sees his shadow EVERY year just to torture us. 6 weeks seems like FOREVER when you are anxiously awaiting Spring, but I guess we have to try to look on the bright side. Even if I am disappointed in the weather forecast, there are still two things to celebrate today.

1.) One of my favorite movies, "Groundhog Day" will surely be on several times and...

2.) It's Aunt Meagan's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Meg! Hope you have a great day!


  1. I found something we don't have in common, that movie. I am not a fan LOL. 1 out of 100 aint bad :-)

  2. Good going Phil!!!
    Come on snow! never can have to much snow in this area
    Thanks Phil

  3. I only made it through half of the movie before I had more pressing matters *nap time ended*! But, it was good enough, I watched it just because of your post. Do you happen to like What About Bob? I looove that movie and Brandon hates it! Gooo Bill Murray!


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