Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Game Night

Its been about three years since Eric and I got together with my brother and sister-in-law to play some cards. Between work, crazy schedules, kids, ect. we could never seem to make it happen. But finally...Diana and I set a date for family game night. Our game of choice? Euchre. And in order to have two free hands to play, we lured Grandma and Grandpa over with some steaks :-) Though to be honest...I don't think they needed much convincing :-)

Here is how Grandma's multi-task...

I wish I could say it was that easy to keep the kids entertained, but Addie wanted some attention from Uncle "Ado" and Aunt "Di Di"too.

But once the kids were finally asleep, it was game time. Adam needed a little refresher course, so here is Professor Eric teaching him the ropes.

And here is Uncle Joe...happy as always to have his picture taken (Copyright 2010...that's for you Joe! :-) And since this is a family blog, I did smear out his hand gesture :-) I'll just tell the kids he was giving a thumbs up.

And like all family events, Howie wanted to join in too. Although, when he realized there was no food on the table...he folded.

Its amazing how long it takes to schedule a night like this, but I sure hope we can do it again soon! Thanks for a fun night gang! And thanks to my two peanuts for sleeping through the game so mommy and daddy could play :-)


  1. I LOVE family game nights! We try to get together with my in-laws every so often to play and have fun! We last played 'Apples to Apples' fun!

    That picture of grandma with your kiddos is cute...Blake's little face is so precious!

    Glad you were able to play uninterrupted! I love when that happens! ha!

  2. Blake is sooo adorable and getting so big too! Ryan has that same shirt that he has on! What a little peanut! :) Hope you all had fun!

  3. My favorite pic is the one with the gesture! LOL! I find comfort in knowing your family is a lot like mine, lol!


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