Friday, February 19, 2010

Fridays are Still Fabulous

When I became a SAHM a year and a half ago, it didn't take long before the days started running together. I never knew what day it was. Mondays felt like Wednesdays, Wednesdays felt like Tuesdays, etc. But for some reason, Fridays still felt like Fridays. Maybe it's because Fridays are my favorite day of the week because I know I have the whole weekend to look forward too, I know Eric will get off work on time, and I usually skip cooking and order a pizza. Ha! I also try to skip running errands or doing other not-fun things if I can help it because afterall...Fridays are suppose to be FUN! So instead of cleaning, doing laundry or cooking, we...

Hang out in our PJs...

Have a Tickle Fest and laugh our little asses off...

Smother each other with lots of hugs and kisses...

And jump on mommy and daddy's bed. All afternoon. (Don't worry...I picked Blake up before she started to jump. Ha!)

I am hoping this weekend will be a lot of the same since it is our LAST weekend without some sort of commitment for the next two months. Yikes! But at least these commitments are birthday parties, family parties, dinners and get togethers with friends. It just means we will all have to get dressed on Friday for a change :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. At least there are no more birthday parties this month HA HA
    Love the pics of Blake

  2. Very cute! I don't have the typical work week either... In fact, I always work Friday nights. But, they still feel good! Today it is gorgeous outside and feels like a great Friday! I'll for sure be opening the sun roof and blasting some good tunes on the way to work! :)

  3. Blake and Addie are so cute!! I am also in my pj's today, but being sick is no fun!!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Jen, I had to laugh because I never got out of my pjs, at all, today! I kept meaning to get changed, but someone always needed something and I said,"The heck with it, I'm not going anywhere." I love the pics of Blake smiling, what a cutie, and Addie is such a sweet big sis. I would never be able to get a picture like that with Zach and Matt, because I'm pretty sure Zach would accidentally squish his brother in a rush to start jumping.

  5. How fun! I hope to be a stay at home Mom one of these days! I would even settle for being a stay at home wife. :) haha. I love Fridays too, but mostly because they are my day off and I usually go shopping, or clean....or just spend the day in my PJ's! :)


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