Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is How Daddy Multi-Tasks

Today was a very looooong day for this mama. Naptime was nonexistent for both Addie and Blake. Well, Blake slept several times, but only if I was holding him. Now, I have learned to handle one needy child but I have yet to master the art of catering to two needy children at the same time. My only solution today was the Baby Bjorn. It was a life saver. Blake could sleep while I played with Addie in her room. Perfect.

When Daddy got home, I quickly passed Blake off so that I could make dinner. Eric liked the idea of carrying him around in the Bjorn because it meant he could take a work call AND drink a beer at the same time. This, my friends, is how a man multi tasks.

When Addie goes to sleep tonight, picture me holding Blake the same way, but replace the beer with a glass of wine and the phone with a Milky Way Midnight bar. I think I have earned a few extra points :-)


  1. I love the expression on Blakes' face! Yes it will be much deserved!!! Enjoy every ounce of wine and that milky way!

  2. Now that Eric knows how to do the job right. GO Eric!!
    Yes Jen, you do have the right to that wine tonight, I'll have one with you.

  3. LOL, this is hilarious. You gotta do what works!


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