Tuesday, March 23, 2010

At Least Someone Smiled for the Bunny

And no...I am not talking about Blake. The person who smiled for the Easter Bunny was me...

Jumping in the picture with the kids was the ONLY way it was going to happen today. Turns out Addie is just as freaked out by the bunny as she was by Santa. Go figure :-) And just for the record...I did not drug my kids, even though they both look totally stoned. Ha! Oh well. At least we got a picture with both of them not screaming or crying :-) I'll call that a success!

BUT...we did have to make a quick stop in the Disney Store before we left (as promised by me) so that she could pick out an animal for her and Blake. Well, when I tried to take her Perry the Platypus away to let the cashier ring it up, she had a full on meltdown. I looked around feeling totally embarrassed but the other moms in there didn't even look up!! I think its just because they have all been there, done that :-)

So now we are home and happily napping with Perry the Platypus, which means its time for this mama to have some wine! Oops...I mean coffee :-)


  1. Hysterical! Ya'll are too cute! I'm taking Caroline to have her Easter Bunny picture this weekend. Hopefully she'll take after Blake and not scream! Fingers crossed...

  2. too funny! And I love the platypus, good choice Addie!

  3. Haha I laughed out loud when I read that you were the one smiling! The picture is still too cute

  4. I'd probably have to be in the picture too! haha!

    Girl...I so know what you're talking about with the meltdowns! I was at the fabric store yesterday and Evan made such an embarrassing scene with screaming, crying and wailing. I put everything down that I wanted to purchase and walked out. Little man was in big trouble!

  5. Oh, this cracks me up. So glad to know your kids aren't stoned, and that it appears you like the Easter bunny.

    I'm sipping wine right now, because Coop had 2 of those full on melt downs today. One when I took him out of the shower of a model home, and one when I took his Kix from him to ring up at Target. Uggg. So embarassing!

  6. Haha! Your so silly! I need to go find an Easter Bunny to get a picture taken with Jarrett before he knows what is going on!


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