Monday, March 29, 2010

Blake is 3 Months Old!!

* CAMERA UPDATE: Thanks for crossing your fingers and saying little prayers for me everyone! But sadly...our camera search has come to an end today. My parents came over to be my "extra set of eyes" but they came up empty handed. We have literally checked every square inch of this house. I have found lots of other missing items (like an earring, a $20 bill, and my Philosophy lipgloss) but still no camera. I think it is best at this point to just stop looking and hope it turns up. My mom was nice enough to loan me her camera until mine either shows up, or I break down and buy a new one. So...with my camera gone, I had to snap a few new 3-month pictures of Blake today with my iPhone. Not the best quality, but boy was he hamming it up!

Tell me...does this 15 pound cutie look like a 3-month-old to you?

I think his little outfit from Auntie Tara says it all. This little boy eats NON STOP!! And even though that gets exhausting sometimes, how can I deny his precious little face?

I don't know why, but Blake just seems like such a big boy these days!! He is still sleeping like a newborn (meaning he is still up 2+ times a night), but he acts and looks more like a 5-month-old! He is already in 6 month clothing, he smiles, laughs and coos ALL the time, and with just a little more practice, he will be rolling all over the place. I mean just look...he is about to roll off the chair!

I have also learned a lot about my little man this month. For one thing, he LOVES silly voices. If you want to make him smile or don't need to make a goofy face. Just talk in a silly voice and even if you are across the room and he can only hear you, he will start to smile and giggle. It is just about the cutest thing ever.

Also, I have learned that Blake LOVES being a little brother. Him and Addie are truly the best of friends and they do everything together. Well...Blake doesn't really have much choice in the matter because like it or not...Addie wants and needs to be everywhere he is :-)

And finally, I have learned that my little guy is the cuddliest, sweetest, most lovable little baby boy and I secretly hope this is a sign that he is a mama's boy in the making. Haha!! Sorry Daddy!

I know another month is going to go buy in the blink of an eye, so I am going to make sure I enjoy every last second of it :-) Happy 3 month birthday baby boy!


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