Friday, March 5, 2010

Flashback Friday: Addie Enters Our Lives

When I started this blog in June of 2008, Addie was already 3 months old. I jumped right into blogging about her love of the jumperoo, her dislike for naps, etc. and then I spent the next 9 months sharing all of her other milestones and accomplishments. But around her first birthday, I realized that I had never really documented my pregnancy and birth story for everyone. So I used the few days leading up to her birthday to reminisce about how Addie came into our lives. Instead of re-telling those stories now, I thought I would just link you to some of my favorite posts. I am going to make it a tradition to read these posts to her every year on her birthday. It actually made me cry reading them all over again tonight. My little girl is growing so fast!!!! So, for this installment of Flashback Friday, here are my favorite "Addie Enters the World" posts...


  1. Jen... Those are all such touching posts. I am sure she will love reading them every year. I started writing Happy Birthday letters last year when Z was one, I also wrote their birth stories for them, and I just wrote Z's 2nd one a week ago. I want to take the time once a year to document the big accomplishments as well as the litle things that might slip away in time, so I figure this was a nice tradition to have, and something the boys can look forward to through the years. I am such a sap I plan on writing one final letter to each of them for all the birthdays I'll miss so that they have little pieces of our memories written over our time together. (Yes..I actually consider my own mortality already) Of course I'm hoping I have a good 50 years or so before I have to write those.


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