Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Olds

In case I haven't said it enough, Eric and I are truly blessed with some of the most generous friends and family anyone could ask for. Addie was totally and completely SPOILED for her birthday this year. She got some amazing gifts, and I thought that I would share some of them in case you are looking for gift ideas for a 2-year-old in your life :-)

For starters, Addie was in desperate need of some new spring/summer clothes. I was hoping she would get a few new outfits, but this was just plain CRAZY! The girl is set for the whole season...

Addie also got hooked up with some fantastic outdoor/beach toys (including a tub of sidewalk chalk...her favorite :-). It is so nice getting new beach toys for the kids because every summer, they are bound to lose or break at least a few of them.

Another great gift she got was her first pair of Roller Skates!!! These Barbie skates are perfect for her and she was able to skate up and down the hallway on her own!! We only fell once...okay...maybe twice. But we will pick up a helmet before we take them outside :-)

And like any stylish Diva, Addie was able to add to her shoe collection with these ADORABLE Crocs!! What I love best about Crocs, especially at this age, is that Addie is able to put them on herself (and refuse to take them off. Seriously...we napped in them today). Maybe now that she has her own pair, she won't steal Nia's or Kennedy's :-)

In my opinion, this next gift would be great for a toddler of any age! Addie got this Pillow Pal from her Auntie Maggie and Brennan and she won't go to sleep without it now! It is so soft and cuddly and the best part...it is machine washable!!

Apparently, great minds think alike because Uncle Ryan & Aunt Meagan got Addie this Mickey Mouse 4-wheeler (just like the Tinkerbell one my Mom & Dad got her)...

My parents thought it might be nice to keep the Tinkerbell one at their house, but Addie had another idea...

Why not keep them both so that she can ride them with friends!!!

Like I said...TOTALLY spoiled :-) Here are a few other great gift ideas:

* Money for a college fund (Grandma & Grandpa are always great about this)
* New coloring books, crayons and crafts.
* New age appropriate toys
* Movies (I am trying to get the kids their Disney Collection going)

That's right...Addie and I will be going with Katie and Audrey to Nickelodeon Live this weekend! Its going to be a mommy/daughter day and I can't wait!!!!

So...does anyone else have some great toddler gift ideas that I left out? I know some of these are girl specific, so feel free to share some boy ideas too. I will need them in the future :-)


  1. Looks like she totally made out! :) That's awesome that you two are going to have a day together, you will love it! I still remember seeing Disney On Ice and who knows how old I was! :)


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