Monday, March 8, 2010

Sugar Detox

Today has been a day of recovery around the Davis household. My house was trashed from all the birthday excitement this weekend and in addition to that...Addie was on major sugar detox. See exhibit A below...

Now, I am not going to pretend like Addie doesn't get a a bit too much sugar from time to time, but the amount she had yesterday was insane. It was her birthday, so I overlooked the fact that she ate several handfuls of her Barbie cake AND had a cupcake of her own at night. But when I found out later that Great Grandma had given her a candy necklace and slipped her some jelly beans...I knew we were in trouble. She went to bed with a major belly ache last night and when she woke up today...the looked like a little crack baby. When we were in the kitchen, she just kept yelling "Cake! Peasssss Mama!! Cake!!" That was the moment I decided it was time for sugar detox. And let me just tell wasn't pretty.

So, between feeding Addie carrot sticks and trying to clean my house, I have lost all energy to write my fun birthday present post. But I promise to do my best tomorrow :-)


  1. OH MY! Hahah this made me laugh out loud! I remember sugar detoxing as a kid! Heck, every once and a while I have to do that now! haha

  2. hey Love your posts!

    I accidently read them and love the way you write them :)

  3. Hahaha, I LOL'd at the "crack baby." I'm embarrassed to admit that I OD'd on sugar a couple of months ago. I don't know how it happened but I felt absolutely awful the next day. Poor Addie!

  4. Oh my gosh Sean did the same!!!! He was flipping the next morning yelling Buzz cake Buzz cake!!!!!!! It was horrible! He wouldn't stop crying! And just yesterday when I was doing his bday post he saw the pic of his Buzz cake and said " I want Buzz cake!!!!!!" and ran to the kitchen as if the cake was still there! and his bday was over 2 weeks ago! haha.

  5. Poor Addie, but most importantly... POOR MOMMY!! :)


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